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CRAP I forgot.
There I just fixed it. Crisis averted 👍
Happy Halloween
It's not as celebrated in aus but my favourite holiday none the less
I'm going trick or treating with a few friends.
I'm at school right now and my mum is going to look for a costume for me since I'm so last minute.
Time just seems to be going so fast lately :/
hey minty i sent you the minecraft block template so you can be cool 🐦🦚
ty 🔥 I'll do it later im in class
shut up
ooh, diamonds!
Im depressed and nothing feels real
pissed that I even woke up at all today
been making characters for a silly little story I'll write or draw. I might share when Im ready
I don't really like my username anymore but oh well
you should change it to flatlineiscool :)
You could message Blake and ask him
he prefers you just make a new account
If you care about your stuff however, maybe message him
up to you
hmm yeah I like this account I don't really wanna loose my stuff. I'll think of what I'd name it and maybe message him.
im hungry
I wish I wasn't born
me too
we should write a song about that
the only thing running through my head is tomodachi life music
doodoo doo doo do do doo doo doo
Also I've been drinking tea more often
I think it may be one of my favorite foods now
MintyTea said:
doodoo doo doo do do doo doo doo

I somehow know exactly which song you are talking about. Doo doo doo doot dooo do do doo do do. Whah whah whah wah. Whah wah wah whah whah.
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