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well done for 9000 posts!
Palindrome post number


I think I might wait until tomorrow to get 5 digits. Or i will get bored later today
Someone poke me so I post here consistently

Anyways every other day I dont have a 1st hour, and so normally I get to show up a little bit before 9:00 am (when 2nd hour starts). Today though, we had an early out, which means shorter classes, which means I needed to be there by 8:40. Unfortunately I forgot it was an early out and walked into the building at 8:52. The worst part is I had a test 2nd hour that I had to make up
When you get back, tell us why you got banned for 36 hours.
to many t's

i tried posting in the your a winner thread, one-upping axlotl in the number of t's i had and i got banned for bot-like behavior, which is fair
lol, I had a feeling it was something like that
yeah sorry about that
i figured it was something to do with that thread as it’s basically anarchy lol
I kinda let the flannel man bit die, and I had some plans for where I wanted to go with I will revive it soon
wait what you're flannel man?????????????

and im kanye west
hi how is life
pretty good i have been reading up on the history of germany its pretty interesting stuff
bug said:
and im kanye west

no you are tim allen, right?
yes ho ho ho
you're talking ben??!!
who is ben?
the only ben i know is ben 10
oh god
no that is not me although we tussle sometimes
by tussle do you mean fight?
yes a bit of a scuffle, if you will
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