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Hi! I'm red, I used to be active on here alot when I was still in school, and i decided to check things out and post my writing and bla bla bla all that jazz

to be fair, i dont even know what a blog is, do i write about my day or just say things about myself?

my day was okay, ive been growing a bunch of little basil plants and they have sprouted alot so i need to repot them but im also lazy, anybody have tips on basil plants because i got no idea what im doing. I also bought a huge basil plant for five dollars and then it immediately died because it was already flowering. I HAD NO IDEA THAT IF YOU LEAVE THE FLOWERS ON THEY WOULD DIE AND ITS SO DISSAPOINTING. i literally counted and searched for five dollars in quarters just so i could have it
Sorry about your plant, dude.
it's ok, i have a bunch of baby ones to make up for it, more sad about my loss in my quarters
You should have probably checked the requirements to take care of a plant before you do take care of one
true, but i think the small ones are ok, i bought the big one then i started planting the other ones. i didnt realize until after i bought it that the flowers were gonna kill it, but dont worry ive been researching 8)
i love plants
i have two plants, they have names. gilderoy and gabe, but my brother has a friend called gabe so im thinking of changing its name to gerard
Change his friends nane to be Gerard instead
*gasp* The plant.
Change his friends nane to be Gerard instead

but then he would be cool :?
i named him after gerard, by the way
ok im blogging after fifteen days (maybe tw) , i haven't slept in three and im convinced its because of the new antidepressants I've been taking but i dont know if they have that effect. Anyways, i just had a really cool conversation with this popular girl from highschool (i jus graduated 2022) and she was telling me about how her whole group wanted to be friends with me because they thought i was cool, (oh my god) and literally all throughout the last few years of highschool ive been avoiding them bc i thought they were trying to be my friend out of pity. It is really weird knowing that these people youve barely ever spoke too were literally planning ways to become your friend. anyways, my recent ex overdosed on cocaine and he came to my house very late in the night afterwards and he could barely move so i took him to the er and then when we went back to my house he tried to do (sorry for this) the devils tango with me but because of the cocaine and like all the ivs and stuff his pp couldnt get up, we broke up bc he raped me when we were drunk, also ive been very depressed lately, maybe because im ignoring my recent traumas but thats ok, baby basil plants are doing good, big basil plant has practically died. but my ex and i planted a bunch of veggies before we broke up so now i have a bunch of little carrot and beet plants to take care of as well. i have no names for these plants except what they already have but i do have a little turtle planter pot named todd
wow this sounds so fake

i feel like im hallucinating over lack of sleep but this all did happen yes
oh my god wait i totally forgot what happened to me today, so since im single and i just turned eighteen idecided it was time to download tinder (i did like a week ago) and this guy has been begging to meet me since like day one and since he was kinda funnny i was like okay but you can meet me at my friends house bc i dont wanna get murdered i also told him dont expect no funny business, he was like ok dont worry

so he got to my friends house and we all hungout and watched a movie and he put his arm around me but lowkey put his hand on my chest and i wasnt feeling that but i didnt wanna make a scene so i put my hand under his to like create a barrier and to like hold hands to be cute (hehe haha) anyways he had to drive me home like two mins down the road and i was talking about how my face hurt bc i was crying earlier and im allergic to my tears (why did god give me sensitive skin and depression?) so he said hed give me a face massagge and i was like hmm that do sound kinda nice maybe, and like i thought it was cute so like i was prepared to maybe like have a little smooch smooch baby kiss but when he did the face massage it was god awful, and he stopped after thirty seconds bc i was laughing at him for how bad it was and then he was like so what now,, and i was like hmmm,, you can take me home? and he was like well,,, you know i do have some pretty magical fingers ;) and im so proud of myself because i stood up for myself (well like i very directly stated my boundaries) and i like scooched away from him and said "mmm no you see thats where i draw the line, i said dont expect any funny business." and he said, "damn okay" and then dropped me off at home, we made plans to meet in two days but it didnt seem like either one of us were feeling it so later on i messaged him and said it dont seem like we have the same intentions and then i unadded him
idk, been begging my ex to see me, he puttin in the bare minimum telling me i should be happy. I want to just isolate from the world and listen to music for like seven months
It's not a bad idea to focus on yourself for a while, so long as you do, in fact, take care of yourself.
he officially broke up broke up w me saying it was unhealthy, which is best for me because duh it is
today i carved pumpkins with my friend and my little brother, it was pretty fun and a bit annoying because he refused to actually carve it himself (he idd get the guts out though) hes nine

plants are doing good, i need to put them in a big box with soil so the vegetables can grow fully
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