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How does one do that?
how tall are you bronco?
Woah. Tall.
I know, and I hate it.
wooooah you're so tall, that's cool
how are you so tall can you share your secrets
Shit bronco, I'm only 6'2"
dang, im only 6'7
im back
height reveal:
alexonline is six foot tall.
stripes said:
how are you so tall can you share your secrets

Step 1:???
Step 2:Profit
Imagine being like... a pile of dirt or something
I have to rehearse with a pianist for my tuba solo

Which would be fine, except I'm sightreading it despite being 10 weeks into the semester


I feel it though. I'm 7' because of giantism

I have to duck while inside
Creeper, what is playing tuba like?
Well, for one your lung capacity increases twofold.

It's easy when I'm playing in large ensembles because I mostly get whole notes, but when I'm playing a solo it's a lot more fun. Especially since my solo was originally written for flute but has been transposed for tuba.

Most of my solos were written for some other instrument (i.e. more melodic instruments) but transposed for tuba, because those are at my level.
I just played an esports match, and while we lost, it was one of the best matches my team has played. Communication was great, and we only lost by a little to the #1 team in our division. However, two members are also leaving the team after this semester, meaning we no longer will be able to field a full team. I am sad.
I am going to an honor band, with 11 others. Somehow I made it in, and now I get to spend a few days on the other side of the state. It seems nice.
What are y'alls experience with instruments?
I've been playing violin for 5 years and im still ass
Suck at em', love em'. How about you?
I play trumpet. I'm better than some, but not many.
I played violin for 3 years but then I stopped because it was boring. in covid I tried learning the piano using simply piano and I learnt stuff and then I forgot because I don't use it anymore
i play trombone (i have a lesson in just over 7 hours) and i'm okay but not very uhh musical. i'm going to learn harpsichord next semester and i'm picking up a free electric bass guitar this weekend. i tried to learn bass over the summer but my job was exhausting so i didn't have the willpower to practice
Wow! Y'all are great musical people! That warms my heart a little as a future music educator.

Next question, what are y'alls college/future career plans?
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