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why do you fucking hate me?
Meh. You know why. If you wanna care about what I say on the internet to you, go ahead. I'll sit back and draw a picture that's unrelated.
is it just me, or are there other people who you treat this way?
$4MU$ said:
you know what i don't like?
the BLM movement.
I'm done with you. I had a whole ass discussion with you about watching what you say and you spew this shit.
all lives do matter. sorry, caveat
You're stupid. You unapologetically say one dumb thing after another every single time you're online and wonder why people hate you. The entire site is practically screaming in your face to stop acting so stupid and you ignore it every. Single. Time.
i try to be polite about shit, but people overlook that and just focus on the vucking negativity all the time
wasn't saying i hate it. i was saying i dont like it bc it only focuses on one ethnicity
Do you seriously not even see how saying something like that is inappropriate after the other shit you've said today? You were already in hot water. Now it's boiling.
how'd y'all come up with your usernames?
i came up with mine bc of one videogame character i'm obsessed with.
just went thru and reposted/deleted a lot of my questions
how'd y'all come up with your usernames?
mine is the name of a game character i'm obsessed with
GODDAMN! Not only are you a pedophile, you're a racist pedophile!
yk what?
all of you people calling me a pedo, ik i deserve that, but please, i just want peace.
and i am NOT leaving the site
Then we're gonna bring this shit up every time you speak. You will not have peace.
It does not matter what you say or do now, Jonathan. You are one of the worst types of people to exist, and I promise you will not find peace here anymore. You have 2 options. Leave the site yourself, or wait until an admin bans you. I don't know what made you think you could act this way, but now you've fucked up so badly that you're irredeemable.
e-bag said:
You are one of the worst types of people to exist, and I promise you will not find peace here anymore.

Holy shit, I know y'all are kids, but you guys are being some pretty massive dipshits right now.
I realize that.
So please do the right thing, chill, and back the fuck off of him. I hate getting involved in your frivolous forum drama, but there's a difference between "who said what" and "basically bullying a guy for being baited into saying he would start a hypothetical relationship with a fifteen-year-old."

God forbid you people find out about Leonardo DiCaprio or child marriage in the US.
literally, I don't know why they're making it such a big deal, it's not even than bad. it could be worse. sam even said "not sexual"

forum drama is dumb as hell
woah i did not bait samus i was just joking because he is obsessed with me and my sister. i don't think he's a pedophile i just said it was weird to date a 15 year old and then he said he would wait until she was 16 and then everyone else called him a pedophile. i don't think he is i think he's just weird plus he has a girlfriend
thank you, buggus
Yea the pedophile thing was over the top.
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