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ATLiens is second, and Aquemini is third. Both of those are great records. Need to relisten to Aquemini tho. Wasnt into Stanktonia, but lots of people like it. Haven't listened to Speakerboxx, but The Love Below didnt age very well, which is unfortunate because I love Andre 3k.
1991 De La Soul - De La Soul is Dead 8.5

I didn't expect it to be this much better than 3 Feet High and Rising
2010 Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues 6.9

It sounded like generic pop punk, and not particularly good pop punk of that. I would usually give this a high 5 or a low 6, but the lyrics resonated a lot with me, so I gave it extra points.
2020 Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon III: The Chosen 6.4

massive let down. Had very few high points.
2021 Lil Wayne, Rich The Kid - Trust Fund Babies 6.4

I know that Wayne is more capable than this
2022 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cool It Down 8.3
2023 Xiu Xiu - Ignore Grief 5.9

a unique horror album that, although very creepy, has very few listenable qualities.
2023 justicexavier - JUSTICEXAVIER 8.0

really good beats, raps, and storytelling
2013 Artic Monkeys - AM 8.0
1999 MF DOOM - Operation: Doomsday 8.0

really good rapping, loved the skits. the beats were a bit aged though, but not too much.
2015 The Weeknd - Beauty Behind The Madness 7.5

I wish it stuck to the dark funk rnb sound that it started with.
2011 The Weeknd - Thursday 7.8


disappointing after his amazing debut
2023 Macklemore - BEN 3.9
2016 Travis Scott - Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight 5.7

had a few highlights, but nothing was amazing. Didn't really feel like an album. The beats weren't that great, neither was the rapping, etc etc etc.
2023 Fever Ray - Radical Romantics 6.8

the outro was far too long
1972 Nick Drake - Pink Moon 8.0

a great short lil album with great songwriting. It had too little texture, as it was just Nick singing over accoustic guitar
2015 Dr. Dre - Compton 8.6


his best album.
2013 Drake - Nothing Was The Same 8.3

drake is so fucking mid. He has his moments, don't get me wrong, but he is very very mid.

that being said, this was a great album.
2023 Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation 5.6

very good vocals, but it sounded generic and messy
2020 Taylor Swift - evermore 8.0

great songwriting, as to be expected from Taylor.


I'm not even a very big fan of Taylor lmaoo I've listened to 3 of her albums, it's just that she is a very good songwriter.

Folklore (the album that accompanies evermore) is much better though
Do you have a big list of all the albums you have rated? Or is that what this thread is?
that is the thread
Do you have a big list of all the albums you have rated? Or is that what this thread is?

I have it on my phone, and its this thread
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