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Tryna write from a different character's perspective and add some different twists to the story :)
Politics >:(
politics >:(
what happened?
Nothing in particular. I just hate hearing about politics
me too void, me too
Politics just divide people
Voiditeer said:
Nothing in particular. I just hate hearing about politics

okay that makes sense. politics sucks
Politics are awful.
politics can be vv vile when it comes to human rights. its either you support people living their lives or you just wanna ruin them (im talking abt like trans rights shit & homophobia, & other shit in those lines)
Who's with me to destroy the government?
me ofc
I'm down
Sounds fun.
Doing drumline stuff
Man, you play drums?
Hell yeah I do
Pretty sick. Are you more into that jazzy stuff or are you a metalhead?
I prefer metal :) I don't do drumset music nearly as much as I do drumline and orchestra stuff tho
i love metal b not death metal. im a soad fan lolol
I'm planning to learn drumset next year
Oh nice! Best of luck :D
I am being attacked by the common cold
fight back
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