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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Twitter blog
hello, Twitter.
so why do people think I'm $4MU$?

I'm just a curious fellow. I don't even know who $4MU$ is
Ha. You're Samus.
i swear, that's not me. i'm always online. i'm never logged out. they are logged out most of the time
Okay? When somebody has an alt, that doesn't mean the alt and the main are active at the same time. Touch grass, I guess.
well, you can't claim the soul of an alt, can you? even though it's your own?
Didn't you hear? Twitter is OS now.

So the real Twitter was inside of us all along.

And is definitely going to be exploited by the dark web, holy fucking shit is this entertaining.
$4MU$ said:
well, you can't claim the soul of an alt, can you? even though it's your own?

What? How does that prove anything?
i claimed Twitter, and i would've said if they were an alt or not
Lying's still a thing.
but I'm not lying. Twitter and me are separate entities
Okay, I won't pushit. If you wanna say so.
ik u don't believe me, but pls just stop saying that other accts are me
Well that just makes me more suspicious.
I swear, I am not $4MU$
see? i'm literally not Twitter
Alright, your funny license is expired. Anyway, Twitter, I have a question. Why do you still exist?
Twitter's not even online. also, I talked to them, and they said their account is a joke account.

edit: that's weird. i just checked and they weren't online, but now they are...
Guys, I swear, I'm not an alt.
I was talking with YackyAckyAttack the other day; they agree that they are a joke account.

I'm out, you're lookin' for attention, later.
See? He's not an alt, he said so.
fuck you. Twitter isn't an alt
Waaah! Screw you guys! I'm not a catboy! These ears and this tail are a joke!
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