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When I’ve been veiling for a while, I start having prophetic dreams. Last night featured a positive pregnancy test
I managed to hit snooze this morning for 2 1/2 hours. But my boss calling me with my phone on vibrate woke me up. Apparently someone called the sheriffs department on me because the store wasn’t open.
The best shift I ever worked:

It was a Saturday at subway, and I was working with the managers son. Our lunch rush started around 1030, and we just started talking to the customers and to each other. Every time one customer left, another came in, so we always had 3 or 4 people in line. But the next thing we knew, second shift was coming in. We didn’t even notice over 3 hours had passed.
I am almost better than good enough
Where does your username come from? I remember that anima is latin for soul, but I got no other idea.
It means lost soul, because I’m still trying to find myself
Makes sense. Cool.
What I think the Bojack Horseman characters would order at Subway

Bojack: Steak and Cheese with double meat, all the veggies, and extra sauces. Will complain the sandwich was way too messy.

Todd: Meatball with ranch

Princess Caroline: Rotisserie with spinach, tomato, sweet peppers, and vinegarette. Judah has her order memorized. Stuart always got something wrong

Mr. Peanutbutter: Chicken Bacon Ranch made exactly how it looks in the picture

Diane: Will tell you all about how we should be supporting local delis because Subway is owned by a big corporation and also everything to do with Jared. Then "reluctantly" order a Turkey Bacon Guacamole

Hollyhock: Pepperoni Pizza and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Judah: Will order the same thing as Princess Caroline to make it easier on the employees, however he wants it as a Protein Bowl

Beatrice: Has never set foot inside a Subway, will never step foot inside a Subway

Pickles: Somehow convinces the employees to make her the trough of everything

Sarah Lynn: Subway Melt with chipotle and ranch. Her mom doesn't let her finish it because she needs to count carbs

Herb: A BMT man if I've ever seen one.
this is awesome
The songs “Pancakes” by AceQuared and “Everyday Apocalypse” by iamjakehill have the exact same intro and it effs me up every single time.
I’m gonna drive to the 7 Cities during rush hour on graduation weekend

Tunnel: 3 mile full stop backup

Me: :o
“Everybody should have a Rider Waite Smith deck”

I absolutely hate that. So many people say that, especially right after saying “You should have a deck that speaks to you.” RWS doesn’t speak to everyone. An RWS system deck, absolutely. It’s the most well known and widely used system. It’s the easiest to research and to find books on. But an RWS deck. Probably not.

My first deck was not an RWS, and I learned how to read on that deck. I learned absolutely fine. I did eventually get an RWS, and it’s probably the one I reach for the least. And not just because that deck is a huge dick. It’s honest, will never lie to you. But damn it’s a dick. I really only use it when a hard truth is needed.

Both of my go to decks on on the RWS system and they are so much nicer and the images speak to me so much more clearly. The biggest thing is that the images should speak to you, hence why pip decks get a lot of shit. How can you say “Everyone needs an RWS” when the imagery does not speak to everyone. Images drawn in the 1900s based in the medieval/renaissance are not going to speak to people who don’t know anything about the time period.

Also the number of crows on the 3 of Swords in the Light Seers deck bothers me.
I am ready to sleep for the next 3 days
A Bojack Theory: Good Samaritan
Spoilers ahead

In “Xerox of a Xerox” the reporter points out the 17 minutes before Bojack called 911. But California has a Good Samaritan law in place, meaning if Bojack had called 911 immediately (potentially saving Sarah Lynn’s life), he wouldn’t have been legally implicated.

New Mexico also has a Good Samaritan law, so if he had gone into the hospital with Maddie and Pete, he wouldn’t have been legally implicated. The events with Penny that would go on to haunt him for the rest of the show wouldn’t have unfolded. Charlotte probably would have still kicked him out for giving underage teenagers alcohol and he would have gone back to California.

He would have been in no legal trouble for either situation, the trouble he would have seen would have been in the Court of Public Opinion. Ana came into his life shortly after New Mexico and would’ve been able to take care of everything for him. Ana left him shortly before Sarah Lynne, however I do believe she would have helped him when he called (for a price, of course).

If Bojack had done The Right ThingTM in the first place, these two(three) incidents wouldn’t have haunted him for the rest of the show, causing him to spiral further.

There’s an argument to be made here that if Sarah Lynn didn’t die, he wouldn’t have gone to Michigan, his name wouldn’t have gotten any attention from Turtletaub, he wouldn’t have gotten the role in Philbert, and he would’ve never been in the accident that caused him to get addicted to Feelbetterin.
My boyfriend used to complain that I never mixed it up with my music and would listen to the same songs on repeat constantly, so I’ve been exclusively listening to my Chill Mix and Happy Mix on Spotify for about a year so I can keep hearing the same songs but throw in some new ones and this is what I’ve come to

I didn’t really like mike. when I first started listening to him. The vibes were off. But it turns out he has some damn good breakup songs. “Fly You to the Moon” is beautiful and “Nostalgia” is amazing.

Quinn XCII on the other hand I loved since I heard his music. But I wasn’t listening to the right songs. He makes some beautiful love songs. The first song I heard from him, “Full Circle”, almost sounds out of place compared to everything else.

Bryce Vine is one of those artists that I like everything he puts out, even if I skip one or two of his songs every now and then. “Bella” and “Glamourama” are stand outs for me.

Bazzi and Khalid are both the kind of artists that show up on my playlists every now and then. Every time I hear a Bazzi, it’s a bop. “3:15” was my top song of 2022. Khalid feels very nostalgic for high school and his high school love. I’m not mad about it, the music is good, but it doesn’t have a hold on me the same way.

Every time Tai Verdes and Forrest. shows up, it’s a bop but for different reasons. Tai Verdes is just vibing like in “Ayokay” and “DRUGS” but Forrest. wants you to know he’s in love as I’m”Your Soul”.

Other honorable mention songs are “Hallucinogenics” by Matt Maeson, “Falling Slowly” by Vwillz, and “Cute” by Cyrus. “Love Ride” by Christian French was one of those songs I didn’t particularly care for but I wouldn’t skip it until my boyfriend said it sounded like me, then it became one of my favorites.
I leave for a week long road trip on Monday and haven’t started packing. I sure as hell haven’t tried to figure out if I can get through the airport for the return trip. I’m tempted to fill my quart size ziplock with airplane bottles and mayonnaise packs.
Woah woah woah. Better not forget mustard packets.
All packed. Got the mayo, got the mustard, got enough cans of Celsius (I hope), and got a backpack in my duffel bag cause why not
Road Trip: Day 1

We made it to the other side of Kentucky. Nothing but driving today, for over 12 hours. I’m ready for my long nap.

License plates seen: Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, US Government, Farm Use
Total: 42
Lemme know when you see Hawaii.
Yeah, I'd like to know when you see that, too.
Will do friends! I saw a Maine in Puerto Rico so I’m not counting anything out! If we finish Canada though, I’m buying everyone a round of drinks
Anyways, because I was too tired to say all this last night:

The drive through western Virginia and West Virginia was gorgeous. It makes you really feel the song Country Roads. It was raining and foggy through West Virginia, but it low key added to the beauty (SMOOOKE ON THE MOUNTAINN BUM BUM BUM BUMBUM BUDUMM). I saw a tractor trailer full of sleepy piggies, and Sasquatch. We drove by the Kentucky Castle, absolutely gorgeous but a night there would have drained our budget. We saw Ohio in the distance and a giant pile of sand. Also Dinosaur World is in Cave City, but my sister doesn’t want to go. And she wouldn’t let me go to Buc-ees because it’s 207 miles out of the way.

Then the whole Bluegrass Junction incident where I almost got pulled over for going 90 in a 70, but I was not the one at the front of that speed of traffic so a Ford Fusion got the ticket.
Road Trip: Day 2

Today was a big day. We went to Mammoth Cave National Park. We saw the sinkhole made famous by Floyd Collins (my sister poured one out for him) and a big ass cave full of natural a/c, which was very nice after a long, humid hike.

Then we drove some more. Stopped at a rest stop in Illinois and took a small hike around the back of the building. Illinois has a lot of creeks.

More driving, then went to the Gateway Arch. Rode that bad boy to the top, saw the city, then tried really hard not to die on the way out of the city.

I have also officially ridden the entirety of I-64. And I can say that the ends are worst of it, the middle is amazing.

Also, Lil Uzi went way too hard making noises in the background of Bad and Bougee. He put his heart and soul into that song.

Sorry friends, no Hawaii today. But I did forget to mention Washington yesterday

License plates seen: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Vermont
Todays total: 6
Total: 49
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