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give it to me then
you can have it but i have to remove some parts
which parts also thank you
the parts that are embarrassing and also the sad parts because i don't think you want them
but you can have the secrets if you promise not to tell anyone them
what are we talking about
my brain it is pink
No it isn't.
yes it is
It's more of a reddish.
hello welcome to my blog, in todays blog i will talk about today's antics
it is hot. and that means i should walk aimlessly around town for 2 hours and also buy ice cream. cool.
i also decided that today would be the greatest day to make homemade pasta for the first time. now i will remind you, it is hot. it is like 90 degrees.
i did not realize that making pasta would make me sweat so much.
anyways, making homemade pasta is easy and i am good at everything i try the first time so it was pretty fun, but since i don't have a machine to make the pasta i have to freehand it. again, this was easy, however, when you are freehand making spaghetti in silence there is a lot of thinking that one can do, i have probably thought through every detail of my entire life and i don't think i will ever be the same after this.
give it a try its a lot of fun, you might have a crisis and some of your noodles may contain tears but hey, it helps with the flavor

that is all. im going to eat more ice cream and curl up and die.
I'm sorry that you're not doing too well lately. It is super hot outside for the springtime.
i love the heat though
Oops. I picked up on the wrong signals from that last message. I'm glad you had fun with the pasta and such.
no you were right i hate the heat and everything else, too
THAT HOT?!? that's like super hot idk how you live with that heat oh my gosh. but making pasta does sound fun. did it taste good?
yeah its may and this weather is really weird for the summer so i don't get it. and yeah the pasta was good im going to make more today i think
acky i have to die now
yup. dying.
i hate ohio
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