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hello delaurean i have your soul
It is 1 AM. My dogs are still fighting. Goodnight.
Water is so cool.
I fear dolphins. Otters too.
i have a suit
Everything hurts.

What nation is cooler, Germany or Austria?
Today, I will be hanging out with my Garfield phone.

What nation is cooler, Germany or Austria?

Germany, clearly, because Austria didnt let an angry man with a funny mustache into art school
WOOooooaahhhh. Have you ever listened to the national anthem of Austria? It's a good one.
TITAMSLANDED IS BAC K ON LIKENS!!>!>!>>!>!>!??!?!?!?!??!!??? Wowie. I am glad.
Aww. Nevermind.
It's sad how common miscarriages are.
This user has been registered since 2000. How?
There's a certain song that pops up in my head when I think about Muck for a long time. I forgot the name of it. Gjzhs.
I rember! It's the demo version of "Stranded Lullaby". Such a lovely song.
I think I had a panic attack today because it was too crowded at a convention my dad and I were at. I don't want to interact with any people for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, I must. This is hell.
Oopsie. I think today is the 4 month anniversary.
I need some kind of inspiration to write a letter.
I think I'd kill myself if I had to live in West Missouri.
There will be a blood moon tonight. It will be beautiful.
Too bad there are clouds, and I cannot see it.
Even in the streets?
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