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my bird flew away. he's lost and I'm worried, stressed, and tired. goodnight.
aww, will. i hope your bird comes back. get some sleep, itll be ok :)
i hope it gets better for you <3
thank you, I hope I find him. I went checking the entire neighbourhood around my house, no sign of him. by now it's been a day and he's probably hungry
its night time, spent the whole day looking for my bird. my theory is that he is stuck in a tree and not flown out the city, but who knows. I hope he'll survive another night. please stay alive kiwi
i really hope you find kiwi :(
kiwi has been found!! I am so glad hes home :)) sadly his beak is a little injured, but I'm pretty sure he'll heal fast :)
Thats great! I'm so happy for you~
kiwi tried to escape again today, but flew into a glass door. I think it's because I scared him off with my phone.

anyways I got a haircut and it's much shorter than it was before. I like it, it looks nice
thats cool! i need to get my hair cut
also, tell kiwi that i said hi <3
when your flights get changed 3 times so your plans are ruined :/
you should change your flight and come see me :)
when your flights get changed 3 times so your plans are ruined :/

How did they screw it up that bad?
Depends on where the flight is to, but it's actually really easy.

If the AC or in-flight movie doesn't work, the FAA (and similar international bodies) don't let the plane take off, since every part has to work.

Longer flights can be delayed or diverted easily due to weather patterns and how they look like they'll develop
we have 6 flights in total, 2 long ones. the long ones changed and were a bit earlier than booked and the seats are all messed up. because me and my family are going (2 adults 3 children) we pretty much have to stay together. if the other flights change then I guess the holiday is ruined.

edit: my dad changed a flight so we're all good now :D
ugh, having another heatwave here. I forgot that I hate the constant sweatiness. it's not even that hot, it's just humid. no AC = sweat and I hate it. these fans that just blow hot air don't help at all
hmm. that sucks.
at least your flights are ok
yeah, they are luckily :)
Shame about the heat wave there. It's been beautiful and 70F/20C the whole time I've been over here on the west coast.
it's definitely better now, around 23°, but it gets worse next week :(
when are you coming to see me?
I don't know :( I wish I could but the rest of the holidays are spent travelling and school's after that :(
we should definitely meet one day :)
loads of ppl are active again because of school, I just started my holiday today lol
I remember the last time I went on a flight I got really anxious on the take off I almost threw up, so I thought this flight would be the same so I prepared myself and made me more anxious, but the take off was really fun, I don't know what I was so worried about
at least youre not gerard-way-level scared of planes
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