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I might just cry today. The new episodes of Beavis and Butthead... They suck...

It's like if the original Beavis and Butthead show had a love child with a Netflix Original "adult animation """comedy"""". Along with that, it's like the Netflix Original smoked, drank, and did drugs during their pregnancy, then gave birth 2 months too early on the side of the highway. The proceeding "New Episodes of """Beavis and Butthead"""" then proceeded to be hit by 3 cars and raped by a horse and 4 ducks.

At least, in this fictional scenario I've created to describe how SHIT the new episodes are, the real Beavis and Butthead finally scored...
Zinger is my new current favorite character I have ever created. Partially because of his positive mindset, his cool personality, and also because I love drawing him. Is Zinger a "him"? He presents as male, but his species reproduces asexually, therefore having no need or want for gender and sex stuff. All I know is, he is CUBE MAN.
coob man

The perfect being.

Argh. I could not fit the better drawing that I drew of Zinger.
oh my god he's so cute
Right? I'm trying my best to find ways to make his design even better, but truthfully, I just can't find any way to improve him. He's perfect.
maybe give him a little watch or glasses
Nice ideas. Not sure how I'd incorporate a watch, though. Sunglasses, or regular non-prescription glasses might look cool on him. After all, one of his close friends also wears sunglasses, and that is pretty cool.

I almost forgot to mention; it doesn't really matter, but his favorite animal is the Wallace's Golden Birdwing, a type of butterfly.
give him a little butterfly on his top hat

He loves butterflies. Loves the heck out of em'. Especially birdwings. His favorite place is the plant nursery because they have a shit ton of butterflies, along with plants, which he also really likes. Therefore, drawing him with butterflies is an excellent idea.

(Speaking of "shit ton", he hates swearing. It makes him feel bad. Doesn't really matter whether I say that or not, but I will say it because it feels sort of necessary to incorporate that into his character.)
I know this does not have a transparent background, but this is EXTREMELY URGENT.

YIPPIE! It is 242 and I am feeling wired. Check this shit out, y'all.

The name of that green cat thing next to him with the red accents is Tom. Tom is cool.
tom is very swag. I love the green colour
Well, that is great. I am glad.

I am going to add a 3rd. Her name will be Lola, and she will be drawn differently because that is my thing.
Lola added. I hate the way I drew her. Oh well.

I love her, your drawing is really good! I like how she has a matching top hat and bowtie like the other two :)
Willy, I don't know if you are saying these kind things to get on my good side or anything like that, but I truly do appreciate it.

Anyway, good morning. Afternoon? I don't know. I fell asleep at something like 445. GOOD MORNING! I'm gonna get me a Rockstar Punched and scream inside my mind.
The Rockstar I drank is seriously charging my mind to draw, and draw, and then draw some more.

Now then, I need a person to base this 4th character off of. They need to be, uh, edgy and stuff. This is because I sometimes like to make 4-person friend groups I create fit into molds, such as "Horny, Emo, Smart, Quiet, Bitch, Stoner, Stupid" and more. Only sometimes, because if I don't vary them enough, the comedy diminishes completely. Oh, and preferably female. That adds to it for what I've been thinking of for this supposed character. God, this took me 20 minutes to write out!! This sucks, man. I can;t fucking focus. I wanna start a band!
I miss Theki. I can't wait for them to come back when school starts back up.
Does anyone here want to draw together?
that sounds fun
Yippie! We shall draw now. I am sending you the link through a DM.
yay sorry i am late i will draw now
can I join?
i would also love to join!
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