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I think I'm gonna make a Post Milestone post.
I just realized that my account's TwoCanniversary is the18th, so I'm gonna wait to make my 10,000th post then.

For now, it shall sit at a wonderful 9,999 posts.
Understandable. Nice alt avatar.
9999 is so satisfying to look at
Understandable. Nice alt avatar.

Thank you.

I also think 9999 is satisfying to look at.
Well, it is technically the 18th, just not the most ceremonious time in the world. A bit past 2am. But, that means I can edit it as much as I want without someone being confused when the wording changes after 15 seconds. So, here we go.

2 years. Wow. And what an incredible 2 years it's been.

I remember first joining this site, and immediately meeting some wonderful people who showed me how everything worked. Now, I'm able to pass along this knowledge to all of my new friends who have joined the site, and I hope I'll be able to pass this along for at least a few more years.

There's been a lot of fun things that I've participated in as well, like the various games of Mafia, the creation of the collective song, hunting for dots despite barely understanding how they worked, and just the chats I've had with all of the people here. I've seen many people come, and many people leave. I've seen legends return, and I've seen users take a turn. But, overall, I wouldn't change anything that's happened. I'm glad that, today, in 2020, I stumbled upon this site. And I'm glad I met all of you.

Here's to 10,000 posts, and here's to 10,000 more.

I've never been good at these sorts of things, but I hope most of it made sense.
happy dicanniversary
Thanks, Demented.
What are your thoughts on this cool bass?
It is wood, and has 7 strings. A wooden, 7-string bass.
I think it's pretty cool.
It is pretty cool.
I hear that model can sometimes be fretless. Imagine that, a fretless 7 string. Now that's something only a pro could play.
Fretless basses sound really cool.
Hell yeah. Great for stuff like sliding and slurring the notes.
E-Bag, what are some of your less-known hobbies?
Well, I think I've basically said all my hobbies, but model railroading and gaming are the main ones. Other than that, it's the occasional pixel art, or legos.
Legos are the shit, man. I'm gonna take a guess and say you've created either a train or a plane in your time with legos.
Well, both. Multiple of both.
That's really cool.

If I remember correctly, your favorite model of train is the #4449, either that or I should be ashamed of my terrible memory, but what's your favorite plane model? Are plane models a thing?
Hey, you got the train spot on! For my favorite plane, probably the Boeing 747-121.
What about the Boeing 747-121 do you enjoy most, any reason it's your favorite specifically?

sorry i know nothing about planes
Well, I just love the shape of it, and the PanAm livery is especially cool.
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