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I laughed the hardest I've laughed in years at lunch this afternoon. I'll talk about it when I get home.
Oh, and I would really like to add Poodonkus, but I need permission to add them.

insert woke eyes emoji
Edit: I've realized that trying to put in my gender in Tomodachi Life would make your Nintendo 3DS a'splode.
Too late. Kilt all my Mii.

Anyway presentations are Monday. How do I get rid of a stutter?
Dude. I need a wah pedal.

Am I the only bassist here or are there others?
I know I'm not a guitar guy, but damn. Check this out.
I hate myself for this. I have three pages to fill out. I am doing them on computer right now and typing them up. After that, I need to transcribe them to paper and pray to Graphite Jesus that I have enough room to cram in all that I wrote on my document. And, uh, I've only done, like, half of the typing part. And it's due tomorrow. So. Like. Damn it.
Slam a Snickers if you've got one (probably not) and break on through to the other side. Do not give up. Not even a little.
Okay. My sleep time is soon as declared by my nan, so I'm not sure. Also. Check the Forum Games.
Do your work or I'm spreading misinformation about your cat again. And I'll also do something that may actually help: No more posts from me. I am not gonna distract you from your shit. Go do your shit.
Uhhh okay but when I'm done wiht the third one will you become active again? Pretty please?
Gotta show proof. I want you getting a GOOD GRADE and not LYING TO ME because I CARE about YOU and your GRADES.

Ok last post.
Done with the second one, I guess. Do you want me to do any more before you start speaking again? It's late and I'm getting tired and I need sleep if I want time to work on it tomorrow.
Heracles was born to Zeus & Alcmene. Hera spited him and regularly tried to bring misfortune upon him.
2 3 4
Heracles grew old and married Megara, princess of Thebes, and had several children. However, Hera suddenly caused Heracles to kill his family unintentionally.
Seeking forgiveness for his act, he sought an oracle who told him to offer his servitude to his cousin Eurystheus.
Eurystheus chose many tasks that would be fatal or plain impossible for Eurystheus to complete. These included:
Killing the Nemean lion, which he did by strangling it, then using its sharp claws to remove its fur, wearing it as a cloak.
Killing the Lernean Hydra, which he did by cauterising each of its necks so it could not regenerate.
Capturing the Ceryneian Hind, which took him a year before Artemis, god of the hunt, helped him.
Capturing the Erymanthian Boar, which required him to lure the boar into a large drift of snow, suggested by a centaur.
Cleaning out the stables of King Augeas' 1,000 immortal cows, which he did in a day.
Ridding of the man-eating Stymphalian birds, which he did by shooting and killing most of them after causing them to go into flight with a rattle forged by Hephaestus;
Capturing the Cretan Bull, which he did by wrestling it to the ground and tying it up.
Stealing the flesh-eating horses of Diomedes, which he did by feeding them their owner and binding their mouths shut.
Stealing the belt of Hippolyta, which he did by killing her.
Stealing Geryon’s cattle, which he did by killing Geryon and his dog. Hera, however, intervened, causing the cattle to flee making him have to round them up for an entire year.
Heracles, finally finished with his tasks, returned to Eurystheus for freedom; however, some of the tasks did not count to him, so he ordered him to do tasks without payment or help.
Heracles needed to steal a golden apple from the Hesperides, a group of nymphs who, along with a dragon, guarded the apple. Along the way he killed the bird eating Prometheus’ liver, prompting him to tell Heracles how to get the apples without getting in the way of danger; in order to get the golden apple, he got Atlas to go retrieve one while he held up the sky.
9 10 11
Heracles now needed to face his final task: stealing Cerberus from the underworld. Rather than steal the dog directly from Hades, however, he asked for his permission. Hades said yes, as long as weapons were not used. Heracles carried the dog out of the underworld, presented it to Eurystheus, and returned it due to his wishes.
Heracles was redeemed from the act of killing his family.
Great work. Uh. Sorry, I feel asleep. I'm real glad you got all that done. Also good morning. I'm gonna screw around with Devadander until my dad tells me to stop.
Today I walked past someone wearing a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt. I complemented their shirt, and they complimented mine back because I am wearing a Stone Temple Pilots shirt.
The entire universe is collapsing upon itself because of that little interaction you had.
california rest in peaceeeeeeeee
Feep foop. I'm just wishing I had more classes with Muck. It's a shame, a real shame.
I have a lot of classes with my bestest friends, so that's good.
Well NOW you're making me JEALOUS, because my fate this year is to sit next to the most annoying little shit in the whole school for SEVEN of my classes.
According to Wikipedia today is bisexual day. As a straight cis Californian male, I agree.
i am also a straight cis californian male
I am 0% of those things
Guys. My science teacher plays guitar. Thaaaaat's aweeeeeesome.
I am 0% of those things

I am 33.3333333333333333333333333334% of those things.
You could just say 33.3%
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