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btw I'm almost at 2000 forum posts so watch out
uh oh
i finally understand what you mean stripes yesterday i wanted to run and go and fly away very quickly
get yo cat on the mic
stripes your pfp is very scary
thanks bug made it i turn red when im angry
wow thats's like disney pixar from disney
bug why is your avatar a dead
they lived a long, cold life, and now its coming to an end.
what is their name you silly slipster
stripes you have 2001 posts
oh i frogot yay
stripes do you want to see who gets the most posts first; i.e. the first who gets to 2503 or 4277 posts
remind me never to take the blue pills ever ever again
wdym stripes
they make me dizzy 😟
are you taking viagra stripes
no its tylenol pm bug is viagra evemn real
pills 🤤
yummy in my tummy
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