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Perhaps, T?
The start of the second week of my resurgence begins with this. Ah
I find myself tired but happy
me too tc
Top Cat!
The most effectual,
Top Cat!
Who’s intellectual,
Close friends get to call him TC,
Providing it’s with dignity,

Top Cat!
The indisputable leader of the gang,
He’s the boss, he’s a VIP, he’s a championship,
He’s the most tip top, Top Cat!

Yes, he’s the chief. he’s a king,
Of about everything,
He’s the most tip top,
Top Cat!
I wonder there TC went?
Probably having a meeting in the alley with the gang.
The council has spoken and I have been allowed to post once again. I no longer have to sing on the fence at 3 am like a common alley cat.
But you have such a beautiful voice!
Now I can use it freely at will.

Also. A E I O U and sometimes Y are the vowels that without wich the English language becomes illegible.

Commas save lives. Take these two sentences that have the same structure but the difference being a comma.

Let's eat, grandma!

Let's eat grandma!

Commas save lives.
Huh I was doing this wasn't I. Well time to pick back up. I had a job interview today and it went well. I hope. We'll see on Wednesday
Good luck. Hope ya get the job!
Thanks mate
Had a job interview today. Not sure but I think it went well we'll see. Still nervous
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