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a blog run by flatline, which is run by alex and minty
if theres any questions, feel free to ask :)
Yass. Glory to Flatline. What's the info on it so far?
so far, we have two guitarists and a vocalist.
and a band practice tomorrow.
thanks for the follow, axolotl :)
omg music bada bing bada boom
So are you looking to have regular rock-like instruments, like drums, bass, and guitar, or something more farfetched, like oboe, piccolo and mandolin?
we have two guitarists and a vocalist, and were looking for a drummer and a bassist :)
I can imagine Acky will say something about becoming your bassist in the morning. You know, him being the Bass addict and whatnot.
me when im a fish
I'm so predictable. We've thought about that in the past anyway, I think. Either that or it was me and Theki.

Question, how heavy will the bass be? As in ranging from Metallica's "...And Justice For All" to Primus's "Tommy The Cat"? Which instrument leads?
yep. weve talked about that :)
acky you should get a band and we can band jam together :)
also, minty might start playing the drums.
I say yass to all of that. No band so far, though, Sophie and I don't talk as much and none of my friends wanna be in a band. Y'all are lucky, man. Also Minty should play drums I agree that is cool. Rhythm is good.
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