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y not
u should record ur cat playing the game and post it on youtube
I will once he can do it well. He is currently at the stage of figuring out that when he presses the arrow keys the game and does stuff
The issue is that he keeps pressing the left arrow and holding it
lol. Pics pls.
My computer is the only device I own and if I try to record anything it goes over twoodle jump and the cat loses his motivation and leaves
hey samus can you shut up
hello my friends (and not friends)
i have forgotten about my blog due to the fact that my brain did not remember it
for today's blog i will talk about nothing because the only things i can talk about are boring or will make me seem edgy or something but i promise i am not i am just anyways
i have been playing caveats minecraft server and i am the best at it i think although not really and bad things keep happening but its all good i have 2 cats and a dog
question: what are some good cat names (that have never been named to a cat before)
thanks and salutations
cat name idea: faerlockninpentkrakenull the devourer of souls
or kylo
Kyubey would be a nice cat name
that makes me think of naruto for some reason


bug give me 3 sophisticated sentences talking about Pennsylvania that are of perfect grammar
please no
Hmm I have an idea
The great state of Pennsylvania is beautiful. There are many things that make it this way; the pine trees, the rolling hills, the farmland. All of this contributes in some way to its grandeur scenery. I love Pennsylvania.
noo :(
wtf happened lmao
i just had a revelation
so true please share share share
first, to prove my revelation to be true, try and name 5 true facts about me that are 100% true that you know about me (that arent up to interpretation or about how swag i am)
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