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im sorry theki i wish you werent :(
so do i but seeing as i am at rock bottom i suppose the only way i can go from here is up
that is a good way to think
i don't think you are a bad persontheki
if i ever become a famous musician like who i wanna be i wanna make cool electronic music but then at some point when im tired of the fame i go to a place where its always snowy far away from anyone else. i bring a guitar, my wallet, a hunting rifle and maybe some other things. and then i just stay there for a year by myself and record music about life. i can make songs much easier when there is nothing else around me to influence it. just me and the animals that i will kill for food. it will be like bon iver which my aunt just introduced to me. i can get really skinny :( and grow a beard :) and then i can take a camera or get someone to take a camera and take a photo of me lying in the snow. i can take the best songs i recorded and then travel back to my home after a year of isolation and after like a month or two of regaining my bearings and shaving my beard and starting back on eating i can get my friends to help me mix the best songs i recorded while i was there and turn it into an album and it can have like a really personal name. like i love you [ name ] or something like "for emma forever ago" like that bon iver album from 2007. and the album cover can be the photo of me with a beard and wearing a coat lying in the snow or something. and people will look at it and be like wow this guy has been gone for an entire year i havent heard anything from him im going to check out his new album. and they see this guy on the cover they're like who is he ? he looks nothing like the musician i am used to quite strange (i dont want a beard but i do want a mustache so ideally me in the album cover should look so different that people wont recognise me and when i say in some interview that its me theyll be like "what the fuck!!! dude holy shit" or something idk i feel like that would make me feel cool becaues its like i DID that i like ISOLATED myself dude that was REAL that was GENUINE that was DEPRESSION at its CORE) and they listen to it and theyre like what the fuck??? this isnt aphex twin this is INDIE FOLK MUSIC!!!!!!!!! and ill be like.... yeah.... i know.... its a cool dream to have i wanna do it so badly but im sad because if i become famous people might find the terrible things i have done in the past and im scared but i wanna become famous so bad also if youre reading this please pay attention to everything but that brief detour talking about my fear of people uncovering my history ok listen ill explain that in more detail later but for now focus on the part where i talked about going off into the woods in the snow and isolating for a year like you know how the guitar guy from bon iver went to his fathers hunting cabin after breaking up with his girlfriend and just stood there for a long time and recorded music like wow that spokes to me i love the album cover its like a view from the cabin god ilove it so much
i think you should do that theki
sure yes but im 14 maybe ill do that when im 30 or so and i know how to play the guitar. i have a lot of dreams bug i want to be a well known artist and i want to go by the moniker of reverse alley and i want to play songs and i want to have a husband and i will have such fun times but for now im stuck with puberty and symphonic band and i am afraid that it will be simply infeasible no matter how hard i try because my own faults will get in the way of things
i cant believe im older than you that is crazy
i love this song
Theki if I wanted to make a website for something would you be willing to answer questions and help?
yes of course i would love to
OK cool give me an disclosed amount of time and I will need help eventuslly
i be up late you know and i know its gonna do more harm than good but whatever yo im listening to bon iver so all is well :)
I will not have the means to program for another like two weeks.
i will not have the means to do anything for 1000 years
bon iver has entered my most played artists on with 100 plays but i assure you this number will grow and it is already growing and i just got their album 22 a million
every time i see the name Bon Iver, i think of Bon Jovi for some reason
waking up and immediately being horny is kind of an inconvenience but i am getting over it. college and javascript have been my distractions today. yesterday my distraction was books. and going to the fair. i had a lot of fun

there was a Ride... it went Fast.. and i had fun... one was this big swirly thing that went fast and high and twirled us and we (my brother and i) screamed like aaaaahh and it was super cool *guffaws awesomely*

Two Ride... ride two: spin so fast you go up against wall... and you can lie down on wall like ANti Gravitie...


for some reason i know the flag of new zealand more than the flag of europe whihc makes no sense because i just learned what new zealand is as im typing this
well Europe is a continent, though, isn't it?
The EU?
Me, the geography buff. Ack, the vexillology buff.

i was referring to the united kingdom :3

ohhh. so, just england?
samus please leave my blog i dont want you here
so true
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