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hoylecake said:
Postsecondary Education Readiness Test. Required if you're a Floridian seeking a degree.

A, i applied to a school in florida & got rejected there thank god
I'm also going to say I have a maths test today, after two weeks of already doing tests
why tho?
why do you have even more tests?
the mocks were for like every topic in a subject, and the test I had today was an end of topic test
Nvm I’m doing the ACT on June 10. That’s during summer break.
Thats gud that its during break, you wont have to worry abt classes & sxhool then (i took one of my sats then)
The Rho Kappa sponsor at my school gave me a personal invitation to apply. There's 25 members; my school has over 2000 students. I feel proud and I think I may try to join. I haven't exactly been keen on extracurriculars, so I likely won't get into the Rho Kappa Honor Society.

Also I got a $200 reward card for COVID vaccinations.
they had a covid reward LAST year at my high school, but i wasn’t in high school yet ._.
Hey mister lickerson. I have questions since you are so smart. Number ein. I am becoming a wizard. I am continuing learning Latin after a long time. You are language man. How do you stay so motivated? Number deux. What are the benefits of advanced classes in school? My school recently withdrew our ability to get high school credits for our advanced classes and I'm still salty, so what's even the point of staying in them other than being forced?
I only speak English, Mandarin Chinese with my family, and learning Spanish in school. I practice Spanish during the other semester and summer through Duolingo, which is not great, but motivating because of the lore. Advanced classes help challenge you, so if you are good with one subject, try to go harder than normal academic, go for honors or DE, or even better AP or IB. Also, wdym, does your school still have advanced classes? Take the advanced ones for subjects you like.
Well, middle school, ya know? I can't really pick and choose. I'd rather be in theatre (which I had the opportunity to be in) than speech, but I couldn't really have a choice on it. We only get advanced classes in the really school-ish stuff, like math, english, science, all that. I wouldn't be able to opt out because I'm scared of my parents reacting weird. What advanced classes do you get?
Wait for high school. Only advanced classes I had i middle school was replacing 8th grade ela and math with English I honors and Algebra I Honors.

Do you want my whole high school classes so far?
Sure. I'm curious. 'Course, if it's a bother, you don't gotta.
Middle School 8th grade: high school courses only
English I Honors
Algebra I Honors

High School
Freshman Year:

Semester 1:
Physical Science Honors
Quest for Success (Required Career Readiness)
English II Honors
Art I
Semester 2:
Spanish I
Physical Education I
AP Human Geography
Geometry Honors

Sophomore Year
Semester 1:
Spanish II Honors
Health Education (first quarter)
Physical Education 1/2 (second quarter)
Art II
AP Government and Politics: United States
Semester 2 (current):
Biology Honors
Algebra II Honors
Basic Technical Drafting
AP Seminar

And now these are the classes I registered for my Junior year.
AP English Language and Composition
Advanced Math Pre-Calculus Dual Enrollment Honors
Trigonometry Dual Enrollment Honors
Chemistry Honors
AP United States History
AP Government and Politics: Comparative
AP Art History
Spanish III Honors
i would say im jealous, but i'm actually not
Wtf samus
you are an honors student, i wasn't
Wdym wasnt wait how old r u
i'm 19 lol
So you are Cat 5 on my category list.

Bruh honors is easy; it’s why I’m spamming AP courses.
Cat 5?

wat's that?
It’s my category names to organize tcas users based on age and the way they talk on here, how formal or informal they are on tcas.

I should start a spreadsheet.
pls send me the descriptions of each category
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