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who is toby fox?

Undertale fans are gonna give you a b a d t i m e lol

Edit: I actually love Undertale myself 😂

I lob undertale. Cho & i play it together & she helped me clear the neut route, will be on the pacifist one when pooters fixed

Now I understand why Ryoga gets lost so easily
You know, when Blake logs on and hopefully fulfills the username change request I sent him, the joke in the blog title wouldn't make much sense.
What do you want to change it to
Just to Bronco, and my BroncoBoy1800 alt to Bronco2.5
Hey, so I made some art but after making it, it feels just off to what I am trying to do with this world building I want to make with the art I make. Cause I try to link everything together somehow, like Bronco finding the Master Sword and managing to lift it. But this one just feels disconnected somehow. So it's not apart of this world I'm making.

Before you look at the art, it does have some early game spoilers for LoZ:TotK. Mind you these are like within the first few cutscenes.
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