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I did
Well, I didn't.

In other news, what happened to the election?
*things* have happened
it is supposed that the telegram is doing something
The Telegram launched a coup while blaming Kylljoy as the mastermind and joetom locked the Republic thread and instated absolute rule while banning all of Kylljoy's accounts for treason. I have no idea what yesterday was and I want it to go back to normal.
Physics is hard. Usually. But, now, we're in a unit dealing with how electric current works, and voltage, and amperage, and how circuits work. This is the easiest unit that there's been so far.
I went to a Chicago concert earlier. It was the best concert I have ever been to. They all sounded so good.
I got the top of a music stand fucking projectile launched at my ankle earlier. Think scooter ankle, but sharper. There's a nice gash there, along with a stinging pain. So fun!
Ouch hope your ankles better!!
I sprained my ankles a few times & it was not fun
How could I have been so blind. For 17, nearly 18 years, I've existed on this planet. And, even with all of my experiences, I never realized what should've been obvious. I've been lying to myself for years, and years. Only now has the truth been revealed to me.

Nacho Cheese was never the best Doritos flavor.

Spicy Nacho is.

This is Cool Ranch slander.

Also, the best Doritos flavor is Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno. I will not be taking any questions at this time.
You know what, those are really good too.
Purple Dorito
I have found the best way to eat Doritos is to fill a large pot with children's Allegra allergy medicine and bring it to a rolling boil. Then you put the Doritos in (they can be any flavor you choose), and let them soak for ~10 minutes, stirring gently every minute or two. Then you strain all the Allegra out into another container and add corn starch. Keep adding until you reach the desired thickness. Then you drizzle as much or as little as you want on top of the Doritos
cool ranch is the best
My favorite depends on my mood
I lob cool ranch doritos all the way. I also love the chili lime ones, 100/10
I love nacho cheese, I'm just basic like that lol
I think I should be able to post now?

welcome back
Came home today to find a jetski parked in the spot where I normally park. Okay then.
Sounds to me like you drive a jet ski now
Jetskis sound fun
Last day of school, all done. I did alright. More missing assignments than my parents liked, but I don't care.

I dislike how my mother feels the need to micromanage everything. While I was showering, she felt the need to go into my room, and move around a bunch of stuff. Didn't bother to ask me if I had it that way for a reason, because it "looked dirty", and needed to be changed. Now I can't find the stuff that I need, and she's asleep for the night. Splendid.
wow we have the same mother except my mother will be passive aggressive for the next 3 days about the thing that she thinks is a problem and expects me to read her mind on it. maybe at this point i should be a mind reader
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