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Given that the new poll option for questions (which is awesome, by the way) also allows users to post a free-response in addition to choosing a selection, it'd be nice if it could show you what people chose as well as their written response if they choose to write one. That way, if you have ask them to "explain your choice", it'll say what their choice was and their explanation.

Maybe it could say their choice in bold above their answer, a la

*Written response goes here*
Upvote. ☝️👌👀💯
And while we're on this, something that would be really nice is "private" questions, i.e. ones that can only be accessed via a link. That way, people can link polls or questions to threads in the forum and only get answers from the intended recipients, without those looking to generally answer questions seeing it.
After this update, answered questions don't go away from the main page when answered.

Edit: nevermind
Yeah, I've noticed that only happens if you fill out the poll but don't write a written answer.
The ability to answer polls only or answer questions only would also be cool
This is possible on the answer end. If you answer the poll but skip the question, the poll answer is still recorded. Not sure about the other way around

Edit: did you mean be able to sort the question pool and only see questions with polls or questions without? That would be cool
Yes I meant the latter
Sorry for the confusion
Oh how about the ability to click a checkbox on polls that says "message me the results when poll closes". Because if you're the first person to answer the poll, you can't see the results which kinda sucks.
Ooh, that'd be cool. Right now sometimes I answer and then "skip for now" just so I can maybe check in on the results later...
How about a toggle while creating the poll for "check one" and "check multiple"?

Also the ability to delete a poll option for dummies like me who hit the add option before counting.
ecr674 said:
Also the ability to delete a poll option for dummies like me who hit the add option before counting.

In my experience, blank poll options are removed when posting. So there shouldn't be a need to delete unused options.
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