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Blake didn't you say something about not wanting to give us the option to delete our accounts cuz it'd mess up forum stuff or something?
What if when our accounts were deleted, they showed up as "user[whatever their ID number was]" on the forums, then on profiles it'd say some like "this account was deleted" n maybe links to other things... idk that's all I got
But is there any legitimate reason for you to delete your account?

I personally can't think of any. It's not like you're getting emails or updates. It'd just be a purely cosmetic thing.
Maybe they don't like their username so they have to resort to deleting their account since they can't change it themselves
Maybe they just want a clean slate n don't want anyone to have some suspicions from old accounts or something idfk
But you could just abandon the old account.

Again, what does deleting specifically allow? If it just says [Deleted] next to the name, that's really only a cosmetic change. There's nothing else added or subtracted, it's just something that shows up. So you could just abandon ship and create a new account. There's nothing stopping you, and it's not like it could link your old account to your new one.

And if it's so you can reforge a new account with the same name, people would still remember you. It's not like deleting the account with the old name would remove it from people's memories. So there's no point in deleting it so you can start fresh with the same name.

And if you want to delete the account because your username was "Hitler Was Right" and you don't want that on the forum, then come on man! That's your fault for having a lapse in judgement.

(If it was private personal information that got leaked somehow I.E. real name or address, I'm sure you could message Blake and see what he could do with it. That's the only legitimate reason I could see for having this feature, and even that's an unlikely scenario)

So there's really no reason to add this feature unless you just want people to know you're not using that account anymore. Which could be accomplished by changing your bio to "I'm not using this account anymore" and maybe writing "No" on your pfp.

Sorry if that sounded aggressive. I'm just not fully understanding your argument for this request. Although I'm not the one deciding if it gets added as a feature, so who knows? Blake might see completely different reasons to add it.

EDIT : Added some arguments
I knowww, I know lmao, I'm just saying like if it does get added, he could do something like that y'know
Kylljoy said:
But is there any legitimate reason for you to delete your account?

I personally can't think of any. It's not like you're getting emails or updates. It'd just be a purely cosmetic thing.
Say you've posted a lot here and someone's stalking you. First thing that comes to my mind. If you've posted about yourself or things you like or etc on the forum, they could use that information against you.

Chemicals as usernames ftw because then no one can find you from one site to the next.

This is a good point to raise though. Yes, yes, be safe and cautious about the things you post, even in oldschool forums, but still.

Everyone reading, just imagine for a little bit that someone you’re actually afraid of in your person life found out that you used this website, that you posted on the forum a lot, and they found out your username. We no longer have the option to view our previous posts. The forum search engine is weird now. I think this is a good idea to bring up.

For instance, I know from a post you made in my “edible plants” thread that you live or lived around the San Francisco Bay Area and that your grandmother worked at a nature conservation area there. That might not seem like much, but turn me into a weirder and crazier mothefucker with a grudge and too much time to kill. Give me a little bit longer and I’ll look through here and find out what video games you like. Give me a little bit longer and I’ll find out if I can go through grapevines to find things like your discord information. See how all this can start on a place like twocans? It can be as simple as someone at your school looking over your shoulder. I look at people’s laptop and phone screens all the time. Yes, general safety is up to you but you can see where I’m going.

I’m also in a place where I never thought I’d be before with a culture almost opposite to the kind of person I am. Something like this could be useful to all of us. Yeah, I know about things like the waybackmachine but most people don’t dig that far.
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