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A couple of the forum games are becoming unplayable because intervening posts render the new content invalid.

Would it be possible to take a timestamp when clicking reply, then if there was a subsequent post display a warning plus any intervening posts when you click to submit (and refresh the timestamp)? I think that would work better than any arbitrary time limit.
Alternatively, I propose a rule of the conch. 🐚 Each thread shall have a conch shell, and only the user that has the conch may speak. When that user is finished posting, he or she passes it to another user. 🐷🦟
So opening the reply pane would lock out others?

The trouble with that is when someone walks away with the conch, or gets diverted and fails to submit the reply. I don't think it's workable.
Who would do such a thing? 🤔
Me for one, mostly on accident
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