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If you see something really bad, such as an outage, a forum thread may not be the best way to catch my immediate attention, or if the bug is really bad (like the one that was logging people out earlier today) may be impossible.

Message me directly on TwoCans IF you are able to log in and messages are still working.

If they're not, see that Chatroom link at the bottom of the page? Go there and sign in to the Telegram chat for TwoCans. This is entirely off-site and not dependent on any failing infrastructure I might have created. You can find me in the list of users and message me directly. My phone will go ding and everything.

If things are still usable or something cosmetic needs fixing, or you have a feature request, then please create a forum thread. If you're unsure, even slightly, go ahead and send me a direct message anyway.
Okay so this isnt an outrage, but it is quite annoying in threads like counting up. Is there anything that can done about double posting?
Be patient when hitting the post button.
If you still accidentally double post, you can flag the double that you want deleted.
Thanks, i thought it was a bug on my account
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