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Feature request:
Inverted colors for night time and whatnot.
What a novel concept! Surely nobody has ever asked for that before!
i'm sorry
4th thread of asking for dark mode.
Maybe this one’ll succeed. Hopefully.
It'll be in the app (if you haven't seen it already).
there's an app?!
(dammit. my phone is apple.)
i like apple phones in most things, except for the app store. I am happy about the apple/fortnite dispute, but other than that I hate the app store policies
agree. i actually prefer android to iphone, but i just got this one.
Damn, when did you release the Twocans app Blake?
Never officially. It's been stuck in closed beta among certain testers for a while now.

Belligerent Banana (the second beta release) has been the existing version for a while now, even though there are a myriad of bugs still in place. Blake has diverted his attention towards other features, and so it remains undeveloped.

If I'm not butchering his intent (which I probably am and he will probably correct me), Blake's currently working on fixing up Crayon. His plan is to Crayon-ify the site in one fell swoop so that he can use the existing VM's to simultaneously port an app to iOS and Android, as well as a desktop app for OSX and Windows. So TCaS is essentially going to become available as an app on every platform. And, supposedly, he's going to release developer tools on it so that programmers (both recreational and maybe professional?) can create TCaS widgets similar to the arcade right now, but more complex (as in, with enough time and effort, a widget similar in scale and complexity to the forum could be made). And his monetization fits in somewhere in that idea.

Although all of this is supposedly breaking Crayon's ability to make games.

I dunno. Blake can correct me if I missed the point.