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Uhhh. Uhhhhhhhh. Why does placing 1 white pixel erase a bunch of stuff around it too?
That sounds serious.
I tried this, and nothing happened. Maybe it is your device?
No, it happened on my school Chromebook as well
My guess is the SQL schema updates the tile when you place, so it rolls out a bunch of updates (other people placing pixels) at once.
I'm thinking this is a propagation delay as well. It does tend to show edits in bulk when tiles load for the first time in a while.
I also found that tokoro is really annoying when youre trying to actually draw. The pixels tend to not go where your mouse is pointed, instead going above and to the right.
Is this just me, or is there other people who experience this?
Also, when you place a pixel, there is a delay before the pixel is shown and the countdown starts.
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