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Some of the posts are cut off. It's only one word but I'm frustrated.
Which posts? Forum? Ask page? Answer page? Messages?
Which thread? What browser are you using?
Windows Internet Explorer something
Which thread?
Every thread that exceeds one line, the last word is always cut off if it is more than one line. Flag is cut off too.
Windows Internet Explorer something

Hrm. It isn't IE9beta. I'm having no problems so far that I've seen. Look for the "About Internet Explorer" button somewhere. You may be using some horrible version of IE.

I suggest switching to Google Chrome.
I suggest switching to Google Chrome.

I could not agree more.
If it's IE6 I will not fix it.
It's working fine on IE 8, so I'd suggest upgrading your browser. You most likely have a very old one.
i have 6 on one and 8 on the other. Neither works.

Edit: Chrome downloaded and it's working fine now, thanks!
Weird. Rain said it works on IE8. Well, at least you're using a better browser now.
I don't know, it's weird but I got it fixed so whatevs.
Internet Explorer: Number one browser for downloading other browsers.
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