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Got an idea? Found a bug? Post it in a new thread in this category. Or alternatively, if you have a github account, you can post it directly to the TwoCans issue tracker.

  • If you have an account problem, message me directly
  • If you have a problem with another user, message a mod
  • If you have found a security issue, do not post it here or github. Message me directly first.
  • Do not put anything in [BRACKETS] in the thread title. Despite other threads having that. I add that to triage. If you do, I'll likely not look at it as I will assume it's just someone replying to an older issue I've already looked at.
Wen Grand Poobah Shames the brackets:
I see that everything is large now on the mobile version of the forum.. is there a way to put a "to top" button on the bottom so that we can easily shoot back up?
Cyrillic is not supported in private messages anymore.
I stole it all.
Bizarre. It's getting saved into the database, though. Poking.

And, once again, the preview text is fine.
All better.

EDIT: Just realized this is in the sticky thread. Please create new threads to report issues.
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