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I feel there is a use case for extra spaces in answers and messages. I would use it to represent blockquotes in messages, since they don't get any of the forums formatting features. Still I'd imagine it's great for other workarounds or those that want to write academic papers on here.
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Sure but it doesn't work for indenting (This was posted with 10 spaces in front of it)
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                                I'm pretty sure you can do it without the periods, too.

Edit : Nevermind, I was wrong. Alt+255 doesn't work either.

Edit Redux : Apparently I was wrong. It does work.
Still, answers and messages don't get those formatting features regardless. If answers and messages get all the forum post formatting features I probably wouldn't have made this post at all. Still, that seems more complex than adding one
Wait hold on... What are you doing there? Does it work in messages and answer boxes?
Doesn't look like it

dang lol
                                                                                                    Finally figured it out
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