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I expect there will be more games.
Not it.
Or are you lying? *dun dun dun*
Oh well.
Salad is evil. I'm voting peach
Has your soul been claimed yet? either way I claim your soles.

I also vote peach. Because a vote needs to happen to move forward.
Not to late to sign up, there are still more possitions to fill! Because we had another round of joiners, I may or may not change this to a two mafia game. You guys will have to figure that out.
Everyone is sitting around the dinner table, eating Peach's homemade salad, when suddenly the mini-fridge blows a fuse. "Suddenly" may be too strong of a word here, because no one noticed the sudden change. It went silent and the humming stopped, but no one noticed any difference. A dangerous gas steamed from the intricate wiring in the back. It clouded the basementet. But "clouded" may also be too strong of a word here, because this was a gas no one could see. In total obviation, everyone continued to eat. Everyone was indoors because of the rain, and in the basement because of the hole(s) in the floor, ceiling and excreta, not to mention the creaking the floorboards made. Down in the basement there was good, solid, cement floors and Everything was sealed in, with the door being shut and all. There wasn't a window and everything was sealed tight.
Everyone began to feel tired, but continued eating. Movements got simultaneously slower. Eyes shut, opened quickly as if trying to stay awake, and then shut again. Some snored. Everyone fell asleep. The gas took over the brain.
When lightning and Thunder cracked, the two lamps plugged in on either side of the basement flickered and went out. The large freezer suddenly stopped humming, but for a different reason than the mini-fridge. The power-outage left you and your new acquaintances sleeping in the dark.
No one had mentioned it, but Vampire, Soviet and Macaroni both thought Peach-Tea had killed someone. Maybe her sub-conscience guilty conscience had driven her to make salad for everyone. So, naturally, subconsciously they continued to think about this, witch affected how they slept-walked that day, under the influence of the gas.
Vampire, Soviet, and Macaroni walk around the table, eyes closed, to where Peach sits. They get up at the exact same time, witch is unsettling to say the least. They go straight for Peach-tea. Groggily lift their kitchen knifes and-
CUT! That's a Wrap!
(lets keep this G-rated folks!)

Peach-Tea is dead. That's too bad, because little did you know she was studding to become a doctor, and knew quite a few skills that could have saved some of your lives. Too bad! At least you won't be served salad again!
Oh, whoops I voted for the only doctor because I hate salad.... actually makes sense the doctor would feed us salad now that I think about it lol

I believe angus has my soul already
That is a shame. I think she saved me if I interpreted the initial scenario right.
Macoroni, Soviet, and Vampire wake up from their trance when- well, Lets just say that knife incident isn't all that silent, and seeing what they have done become very scared. They look over to the table where everyone is sleeping. Filled with adrenaline from their recent... well, actions they do not go back to sleep, however, they do smell a toxic smelling gas, and that explains why no one else is waking up. All three are even more scared. Is this a poisonous gas in the air? Is the air in the basement about to start on fire? Are the other people at the table dead? Or are they just sleeping? Did they actually just kill Peach without even having a proper trial? What if peach wasn't the Mafia? All three run to the basement door, wanting to escape the gas, the seen, and the people. The basement door is jammed. In a moment of panic, Soviet yanks on the doorknob witch promptly falls out. Everyone screams, and their collective screams reach decibels louder than Peach.
Everyone else wakes up right about then. But groggily, and no one jumps. Alpha even asks for "five more minuets," foil to the situation everyone is oblivious to. Soviet, Macaroni, and Vampire work together to knock the old door off it's hinges on the count of three. By then, five minutes have passed and everyone else has went back to sleep.
Little did they know, knocking the door off it's hinges was completely pointless, as no one had noticed the deadbolt lock at the top of the door. How unfortunate. Maybe if someone had ben smart about something, someone wouldn't be dead at the hands of the mafia. But we will get to that soon.
At moment of impact with either the door or the floor the door fell on, all three were promptly knocked out.
Everyone is sleeping again.
Even the narrator doesn't know weather someone stumbled up or down the stairs. All I know is this: there were thuds on the stair-steps, there was *ketchup* on the steps, everyone was sleeping, and Macaroni was dead.
The gas gradually filters out of the basement. In three hours, everyone wakes up. They peace things together based on how much they heard when they woke up and who is laying where. No one wants any more people dead. Should you kill or expel the mafia? Who is the Mafia? The result must be decided on by the majority.
Macaroini is dead. Place your votes.
I vote soviet because of all the bad things i have heard about communists and it seems like he would fit.
This account is old and I was in high school. Mom was right, it really was just a phase lol
hey can one of you guys message me when i can join i would love to play
I vote vampire, because Undead are easy to blame.
"Should you kill or expel the mafia? Who is the Mafia?"

Must vote on both questions!
Kill, Soviet
Can we get a recap of all who is still in this?
kill, vampire
Just saying, (as an observer) soviet union seems like the ideal pick. S/He was very accusatory early in the game, which only seems to happen if you know you will be fine so long as you don't get lynched. Furthermore, I think Vampire is inactive so they wouldn't have been able to kill anyway. That said, if you guys do go for the flutist it won't be much of a loss, as they're holding up the game anyway. I could take over for them if you guys want.
It's not really fair to make recommendations as an outsider to the thread. I think, to keep it fair, I should mention that you could just as easily be friends with whoever the mafia is, and are trying to sway votes. Let them play. And further recommendations should be directed as a pm to the game master
I vote expel vampire, since you can't kill undead easily anyway, also, what does expel mean?
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