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evergreen said:
Just saying, (as an observer) soviet union seems like the ideal pick. S/He was very accusatory early in the game, which only seems to happen if you know you will be fine so long as you don't get lynched. Furthermore, I think Vampire is inactive so they wouldn't have been able to kill anyway. That said, if you guys do go for the flutist it won't be much of a loss, as they're holding up the game anyway. I could take over for them if you guys want.

It's not really fair to make recommendations as an outsider to the thread. I think, to keep it fair, I should mention that you could just as easily be friends with whoever the mafia is, and are trying to sway votes. Let them play. And further recommendations should be directed as a pm to the game master

Making an argument is ok (even if you are an outsider) , but substituting/taking over for someone is not. The exception to the rule above: let's say - fluitest, for example, messaged me and told me Evergreen would be taking over for S/Her. That would be ok but I don't encourage it.
Evergreen, Please wait until game #2 to join
I'm good for next game
I'm not arguing for that specific time anymore, but if someone manages to survive while not being active on the forums, they are kind of detrimental to whichever team they're on. If vampire flutist is inactive (they haven't been online for 10 days, a long time compared to their activity before), they are really just dead weight. If they are some pivotal role like the mafia or something, they could actually stall the game if the mafia is supposed to kill someone every night.
I don't want to join the game halfway, it just seemed that things were slow and it was fun to comment on. I'll stop now
Can we get a recap of all who is still in this?

good question, I was wondering this myself. Here's an updated chart.

Soviet Union: kill vampire }
Macaroni: dead
#vampireflutist: ___?
Peach Tea : dead
Stephven: expel - Vampire }
alfanewmerik: kill Soviet }
rat_person: Kill - Vampire Dead
Chet Manly: ___________?

Unless vampire and chet both vote soviet, and there is a tie and no one is killed (witch is unlikely) Vampire will be killed this round. Sorry for such a long delay, hard playing online with this many people, there are so many verriables!
What is the difference between expel and kill?
I guess we might as well cut the "dead" weight of vampire. That was a bad joke
I vote to expel!
Is expel just "Kill" with less feeling bad afterwards? Because I think it has the same effect when it comes to the game.
I meant kill soviet
Stephven said:
Is expel just "Kill" with less feeling bad afterwards? Because I think it has the same effect when it comes to the game.

I change mine to kill muhahhaha
So I vote expel Vampire, so if I'm wrong at least I have the moral highground before I die.
OK so I'm not doing that again.
Vampire is dead.
If you are not following this thread, please do so now.
You will have 3 days to vote. After 3 days (or after everyone votes) we move on.

Vampire, after witnessing such a tragety, fell asleep for three days in a row. No one could tell if he was dead or alive. They did not have proper medical supplies for someone in a coma. Besides, he was also possibly the mafia! After all, the mafia only kills in his sleep. so the group decided to kill VampireFluitest. By now everyone wants to go home.
But you know you can't, because everyone knows the Mafia must be done away with, because what if he/she/they produce more tragety in the next place Mafia goes? This is your chance to be a hero! Right?!

Tonight, Rat person mysteriously dissapears. Rat's car is gone.
Was he kidnapped killed by the mafia? Have we already killed the mafia? No - that can't be it. The voice above would write a message in the midnight sky with a jar of cherry juce as ink. Because we all know that's what happens when mafias die. Why hadn't the mafia killed anyone tonight? What happened to rat? Some say he went home, tierd of it all.

Hmm. Looks like there's nothing much to vote on this round. Starting round 3!
No, wait! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Every one wakes up with a lighter, happyer feeling. No one died last night! There is hope that the Mafia is gone.
Chet tells everyone it's a great day to take a hike. Stephven, Soviet Union, and alfanewmerik agree. Stephen also has a good idea - since everyone is already basicly camping, why not have a bon-fire style lunch in the middle of the woods? Every one goes off to go get things for the hike/camp-out.
Alfan explores the underground storage area, witch stores many rusty garding tools. He finds an old fassioned ax that will be perfect for making firewood. Stephven digs through the freezer to find hotdogs. He also takes a sack of potatoes from the pantry and a roll of foil. Soviet joins him in the basement/kitchen to fill up 4 water bottles with ice. Chet rummages around in the back of his messy car to find a coupple of backpacks, a draw-string bag, and 3 blankets. (...along with 6 packs of M&Ms that s|he will be telling no one about. d: (: )
The four start on the hike. Alfan tells everyone that today will be his last day with everyone because he plans to drive home tomorow. He just wants to have a bit of fun before he leaves, this trip was suposed to be a vacation after all! After a coupple hours of getting to know each other and talking, something that hadn't been done yet because of all the stess, they stop in a clearing. People are tierd. Chet hands out waterbottles. Alfan gets a head-start on cutting wood for the fire. Stepfen sits down for a while, but s|he eventually gets up and gathers sticks and twigs. Alfan goes farther away from the group, and deeper into the woods, to gather more firewood. Chet feels like s|he deserves a snack and nap because no one else carryed three backpacks. Alfan complains that this isn't fair because s|he was the one who had to carry the ax. Everyone seems to be getting along perfectly. Stepfen finds the box of matches, but can't light them. Soviet comes over to help him starts the fire with the pile of twigs he has gathered. He adds the two logs that Alfan has already cut and left in the clearing. The three of them sit around the fire, roasting hotdogs.
Alfan does not return.
How dare you three "forget" about Alfan.
Yet one of you three did not forget Alfan. One of you three knows exactly where Alfan is.
All three of you left the clearing at one point.
No one remembers who brought up Alfan being gone first, so no one can be excluded.
Everyone searches, no one can "find" him.
They return to the house, yet Alfan is not there. He did not leave because his car is still parked infront of the house.
Everyone knows Alfan was killed. This isn't a normal vacation. Alfan is not just missing. The last four times someone went missing, they were dead. The Mafia isn't dead. The Mafia knows what it's dooing. The Mafia kills people concieusly and unconciously. It is more sinister than everyone had realized. The Mafia wears a mask. It is verry good at hiding who s|he is. Up to you two to figure out who s|he is.
My vote is Chet since mine and Soviet's names begin with S
OOF (also can you just change my name to alfa instead of alfan thanks)
Sounds like a good enough reason to side with you. I will also vote Chet! S Squad!
Go Word-based decisions!
Why do all good days have to end horribly, Stevphen wondered, while laying in his car that night. Soviet Union and him had agreed to sleep sepreatly that night. Perhaps Soviet Union, and not Chet, was the Mafia, soviet worried. But why then, would Soviet agree to sleep seperatly? Perhaps to not arouse suspicion. Perhaps because s|he had another plan. Not that Stephven had done anything about. Little did anyone know, the Mafia had long since drained the gassoleen tanks in every car. All of the people had thought about leaving, few tried. The few that tried were ashamed that they did. They did not tell each other about the empty tank. In fact, everyone was under the impression that everyone else hadn't tried or thought about leaving the haunted house when things started looking like a horror movie. Their pride was at stake! Around strangers whom they had just met! It wasn't like anyone was friends here! Yet, Stephven had stayed loyal up unto this point, and was the last of the few to make this discovery. He knew it was his day to die. He deserved it. He killed a man. Stepfen killed a man. With soviet. Why? Because they thought Chet was the mafia. Oh how Chet pleaded. Chet cried. Chet begged. Chet screamed. Chet fell scienlent. Soviet had this gut feeling that he had killed an innocent. That perhaps Chet wasn't the mafia. His only hope was that there wasn't a mafia. But what if there was? And what if it was soviet?

He closed his eyes, but he couldn't keep them closed. He knew that even if he did fall asleep, the neightmares would be just as horrible as his reality. Suddently, there was a crash, and his face was pelted with glass from the window next to him. He looked overto see an ax in that window. Was Alex not dead, rather, was the mafia and was hiding for his next kill? He looked up and squnted in the dim light. No. This was no Alfa. This was soviet. The only one left living. The one who helped him kill an innocent. The Mafia. Soviet Union, the mafia.
"no no no no nononononono" whispered soviet under his breath. "pleaseNopleaseNopleaseNononono" One blow was all it took.
Go word based desisions.

Mafia Wins
mafia wins? I guess i will play this round. so i post a letter?

It was hard to betray you stephven but a mafia has to kill :/ you didn't deserve it friend.... S Squad forever!
My new letter is "Traitor I trusted you because our names were alliterative" If that is too long I'll go with Z
It was hard to do, believe me. It had to be done though. I cried as I beat you to death. That was last game sooo forgive me?
True. The rule in my house is that marriages and friendships are paused during games. We also like to play monopoly so the rule is sorta needed.
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