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Oh hell, that would never work in my family! Do we have all the people needed yet?
I think so, me, you, stephen, evergreen, vampire, chet, and so on so yeah i think so
Some of them have been inactive. We shouldn't count them In the new game until they pick a letter for a role
I would suggest starting a fresh thread for each game. That should help to keep things clear.
I think that's a good idea too.
So is there another thread that's gonna be made?
Mafia TCaS Mafia Game 23hasn't been posted on since 2016. We could start on a fresh page, 246. What ever you guys want I will do. Also, If anyone else wan'ts to be narrator, that's fine. Might be off for a while. IDK
Really sory about the might be off thing. Didn't see it coming. But now IDK if I'll have time bc of it. I will try verry hard to be narrator anyway if no one else takes over.
I think a group message might be better.
My letter be A for awesome
I would join in, if it's not too late.
This is about to die. If you want, i can create a new thread, but i need 3 people to say yes.
Cobra Commander approves.
2 more
You have a red and purple dot as of now, in that order
thank you. i need 2 more votes and I will create a new game of mafia. (also you have no dots)
Great. You have a green dot in front of the other two, now.
you suddenly have a green dot. 2 people please
Ur green dot is now gone.
Y I'll play I guess
1 more person now
I thought I said I would play before. Did I?

Edit: Huh, I guess I didn't.
Ok i will start a new thread. RIP This thread.
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