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Similar to corrupt a wish, Except you add a bonus.
Poster 1: I wish i had a dog.
Poster 2:Granted, and it talks! (makes own wish)

I'll start.
I wish pokemon were real.
Granted, and animals still exist so you don't have to resort to eating pokemon.

I wish I was better at games
Granted, you're accepted into a professional competitive team team!
Yeah, there are people who get paid for playing video games against other people. Nerds.</I>

I wish for a knife.
Granted, it is magical and does whatever you want!

I wish I had a loyal Umbreon.
Granted, and it gives you free Masterballs

I wish I had infinite masterballs
Granted, and they work on everything, even entire galaxies

I wish I had an infinite can of Ale8
Granted, It tastes like whatever you want it to be

I wish more people noticed this thread
Granted, and it even attracts new people to toucans

I wish there was no more starvation for anyone
Granted, and no more boredom either!
I wish I was more noticed in school.
Granted, you even become famous worldwide and people freely give you their money

I wish this wish was fortified
Granted, you are literally omnipotent.

I wish for two knives.
Granted, and they're these

I wish I had a redo button
Granted, it doesn't effect the flow of time either

I wish there was no such thing as a label
Granted, no one expects you to write a subject to an email either

I wish that was real
Granted, it's real

I wish I could obtain the one thing in life that is of upmost importance
Granted. You have two of them.

I wish for three knives.
Granted, you now have a Dio sized amount of knives

I wish I could finally die.
Granted, and you do whatever you want in whatever afterlife you believe in.
I wish that I had more robux.
Granted, you have enough to own every item

I wish i could live without eating
Granted, you don't need to breathe, sleep, or drink either.

I wish for a fork.
granted, you get a full 4 person set of silverware

i wish for a pie score to get me a 3 on aleks

I wish this was put through google translate 5 times.
Granted, its put through every language on translate in alphabetical order and then back to english.

"I wish this was put through google translate 5 times" "I want to show my job"

I wish I hadn't spent half an hour doing that
Granted, Bites Za Dusto! (Goes back to before you do so. I did it instead.)

I wish for a stand
Granted, I know exactly what you mean by stand and give you the right one

I wish for chocolate
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