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Granted. You can now change any color value.

I wish people will go on my forum
Granted, I also joined the collage of followers.

I wish that I could understand my past.
Granted, you go there (but only spectate so you don't alter the space-time contiunum)

I wish for time-travel abilities
granted you can also change stuff without major repercussions

I wish for an average life thats happy, nothing too special.
Granted. You can also change what kind of life you have.
Granted, you get a free drink with that too

I wish that Courascant99 made a wish
Granted. I will come to any forum you want me to with a dm.

I wish for a wish as per request by Fatty the fat guy
Granted. You get two wishes, Fortified accordingly.
Though, uh, not sure if I can give you any.
I wish for cookie.
Granted. You get unlimited cookies.

I wish I could keep all my dots forever.
granted, you get the blue dot too.

I wish i had art skills.
Granted, you can make the art life like

I wish I could understand people
Granted. You have somehow also gained the ability to talk someone into anything whenever you'd like.

I wish sleep was an option.
Granted, you can also choose when you sleep and it stops time if you wish to do so.

I wish that everything was possible, without having a cost
Granted. You're also immortal, with a kill switch.

I wish immorality was a good thing and not a bad one.
Granted, immortality is good because everyone is immortal now, and we've solved all of our major issues.

I wish the above was true
Granted. You can make anything that you want true.

I wish I had a car
Granted, and it's your dream car

I wish for a bucket of bolts
Granted, they then place themselves in whatever you're constructing.

I wish for my religion of the arcade's skeeball machines to prosper.
Granted. Your grouply obsession becomes a cult, and then a major religion, and then the prominent religion, all in your lifetime.
I wish nothing was poisonous or venomous to me and every one of my loved ones.
Granted, you can now summon venomous snakes on your enemies.

I wish I could have food
Granted, a feast awaits!

I wish I could finish my work on time
Granted. You can now alter time in any way you wish.

I wish I could understand how forecasting works
Granted, you control the weather at this point.

I wish I could post this.
Granted. You can post as much or as little as you want.

I wish I didnt have to be in geometry right now.
Granted, you now have the knowledge to test out of all your classes for the rest of your life.

I wish for a minecraft account.
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