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Granted, you get the Java and the pocket edition

I wish I could stop time
Granted, you save millions of lives through this ability.

I wish I could escape this time loop
Granted, you are a Time Lord

I wish for a time machine
Granted. You accidentally kill your Grandfather, which means you dont exist.

I wish the grandfather time paradox wasnt a thing
Granted, and time travel is cheap as well

I wish for for the time stones
Granted. You also get the other 5 infinity stones and can have anything at the snap of your fingers.

I wish my internet was faster
Granted, you also have a NASA computer as well

I wish I had a NASA computer
Granted, you also know how to use it to it's full potential.

I wish that I could see my future.
Granted, it's good

I wish my Commodore 64 worked
Granted. You can upgrade the cpu to support windows 10.

I wish I didnt have a really old phone
Granted, your new phone is as powerful as some of the latest gaming PCs

I wish my phone was that powerful
Granted. It makes the Summit look like a Z1.

I wish I had a Nintendo Switch
Granted, it comes with the full collection

I wish I had a gaming pc
Granted, you get a RTX 2090 somehow.

I wish for a strong pocket electromagnet
Granted, it has 6 strength settings, OFF, 1, 2, 3, K, and POKE 59458,62; which rank from fridge-magnet like strength to computer-killing monster magnet levels of strength

I wish my power scale was used more often (OFF, 1, 2, 3, K, POKE 59458,62)
Granted, now it can go over and under 9000

I wish that I didn't have depression
Granted, and your life is completely fulfilling.

I wish I had a girlfriend.
Granted: Amd she really hot.

I wish I were the coolest person on earth.
Granted. Your the coolest person on the galaxy.

I wish I didn’t have alergies.
Granted: and now you vacant get sick.

I wish for money.
granted. you get this money from a job you genuinely enjoy with a team you click with.

i wish for some f***ing freedom 🙃
granted, you now live in a utopian society that you control and everyone listens to you (for now).

I wish that I was better at finding geographic locations from pictures.
Granted, and you can navigate there too without GPS

I wish I knew everything
Granted, not only do you know everything, you are skilled at everything.

I wish I was more creative.
Granted, you are the head of Sonic Team and finally fix the franchise

I wish the franchise was fixed
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