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Granted, now you're more optimistic about it. Also you get stories of wholesomeness pop up on your main feed every now and then.

I wish I could pass both my finals tomorrow.
Granted, you also pass the final that you didnt know youhad.

I wish i understood science class better
Granted! now you also understand math, and ELA better too.

I wish I had a 3060 ti
Granted, you get a golden sample. The silicon is great, and it can overclocks over 3 gigahertz

I wish I had a better work ethic
Granted! now you are very productive and you are even able to get a 3080 because you are so good at getting things done!

I wish I could fly
Granted. You get human-sized wings of your choice(including none if you just wanna float), and cold resistance so you can fly up high.

I wish the volume was more stable on my chromebook.
Granted, it is no longer a chromebook, it is a gaming laptop.

I wish to go back to 2016 when things were good.
Granted. This time, [president of your choice] wins and the COVID pandemic never happens.

I wish school wasn't a mix of an idiot and a prison.
Granted, it's now a place where everyone is comfortable sharing everything, and we actually successfully learn.

I wish I didn't have bad allergies.
Granted, now you and your loved ones don't have allergies. Any children of yours/theirs won't get allergies either.
I'm going to assume you wished to be able to fly

Granted! Now you also won't get cold when you are up there, with your super awesome coat of warmth!

I wish to be able to have more time
Granted! Now you live however you want to because you can do everything now, even live forever!

I wish I was smarter.
Granted! You have been blessed with a significant amount of knowledge to improve your life 20 fold

I wish I had more time to do more
Granted! Instead of lengthening the day you get to be super productive gloves that when you wear you get to finish anything you want

I wish for a dish
Granted. It is the ultimate dish.
  • If it was a food: Eating it will make all ingredients(including this one) the best quality it can be.
  • If it was a dish dish: Using it with anything will upgrade the quality to it's maximum, while still keeping everything required intact.

I wish this thread was immortal.
Granted, the site is also more active in general

I wish the site had more users
Granted. There is a new alt account broncoboy22 on the site.

I wish i was happy.
Granted! You become happy, but you learn to keep yourself happy and become a optimist!

I wish for a less broken version of life

I brought this thread back yay
Granted, got a satisfying life with plenty of work, people, and life.

I wish I could make more money
Granted! you make more money, and you have satisfaction with life

I wish I had to move
Granted, you now have a new house

I wish this pandemic ended
Granted! It never started, but we still learned all the stuff

I wish for a large head phone
Granted, the absolute best audio quality without the possibility of deaf

I wish I had a better phone
granted you get both whatever the latest iPhone and android is and you get to take your pick, you also get unlimited data, and hotspots whenever you like. Also with the better phone comes preinstalled with the bug free two cans mobile app.

I wish for a higher resolution on my Chromebook
Granted. Steve jobs’ ghost gives you his limited edition mac book pro only a selected dwee.. - i mean very respectable men have.

I wish frylock was my roomate.
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