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Granted, Master Shake and Meatwad visit often, and you've basically become part of their group.

I wish I could understand most of the stuff thrown at me
Granted, and you become very knowledgeable all around as a result.

I wish I was talented enough to join in the ebag songwriting.
Granted, you learn how to make music, and one day become a famous music producer!

I wish I could get my assignments done on time.
god i wish

granted, and you do exceptionally well. straight a's across the board.

i wish for a new drawing tablet.
Granted, it works perfectly forever

I wish I could draw
Granted, you can draw

I wish oranges could talk
Granted, they become able to talk and relay information

I wish for a decent gaming PC
Granted! You can actually get a GPU! Plus you get a grant that gives 5000 dollars to spend on pc

I wish that I could no life two cans more
Granted, what? But it had a good result nonetheless

I wish I could pass school just fine
granted, and you do better than fine, you get scholarships all over!

i wish i always had good internet
Granted, fastest interweb speed in the west

I wish for bold text
granted, it's bold and italicized

i wish for creativity
granted, and your intended audience highly praises your work for being some of the most innovative of your time.

I wish I could learn faster
granted, you learn so fast that you become a genius and are widely recognized as being one of the smartest people

i wish i didn't have to go to school
Granted, take this diploma, and the excess knowledge you skipped in a snap.

I wish I could properly understand psychology.
Granted, you even invent a new field of psychology yourself

I wish I had the knowledge and budget to build my dream robot
Granted, it helps pacify wars all over, with money left to spare

I wish to finally save enough for a car
Granted, the money to buy the most expensive car in the world(thrice)has been deposited into your account

I wish I had the money to buy a decent computer
Granted. To win the money for the computer, you get to do a really fun game show that's quite simple. Not only do you get enough for a top-of-the-line PC, you also won a brand new car and a trip to the Bahamas!

I wish I had a snack.
Granted, it's bottomless appetizers at your favorite restaurant

I wish for a pinball machine
Granted! You also get to pick the theme of the machine - the sky's the limit!

I wish I had more self-confidence.
Granted, Mr/s. Confident has entered the building, radiating with confidence as he/she makes their way to their rightful seat in the highest position possible

I wish I could make an interesting presentation
granted, and it has professionally made visuals and music from the best composer available

I wish I was funny
Granted, number one comedian here, people

I wish I could develop something.
Granted, it's the cure to cancer

I wish to make a game
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