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Good evening, fellow members of this fine community. Welcome to the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

This thread will follow the story of a handful of individuals and their travels across the world. Players: please, introduce yourselves and your characters.
Hi, it’s me, Azerty. Or should I say, Averack, the mysterious halfling rogue. There is only one word to describe me: mysterious.
Hello, the name's Elven John, a wandering half-elf bard. The pleasure is mine. And from what I hear, Saturday night is alright for fighting.
...I see what you did there, Kylljoy. Nice reference.

We're still missing someone, though. Where is Chotano?
Might be asleep. No clue what timezone he's in. That's why I suggest everyone puts their locations here to help in situations like this.
Hey, Kylljoy, I was in Palo Alto on Thursday! The traffic there is terrible. I live just south of there, a few miles away from San Jose.
I've added my pin to that map, Kylljoy. Looks like the three of us are all in the same time zone, and indeed in the same state.
The smoke here is absolutely terrible, though. I was told that we were one of the only school districts in the county to not cancel school on Friday due to the air quality
hah, suckers. I go to a school not run by a district, exactly, but all the ones in the area here cancelled Friday.
See, but I'm happy about that. I made a lucrative profit by buying masks from stores and marking them up 200% and then selling them to classmates. I made about 90$ yesterday.
Shit, my feats still aren't sorted
Wait we were supposed to have feats?

ETA: I forgot, my halfling rogue starter pack included a feat so I’m good
I do believe so, yes.
Yes, all characters start with at least one feat. Depending on your choice of race and class, you may get more than that.

With that said, all we have to do is let Chotano choose his feats and introduce his character; then, we may begin.
Kylljoy said:
Might be asleep. No clue what timezone he's in. That's why I suggest everyone puts their locations here to help in situations like this.

Added myself. I'll try to do my feats after school tomorrow, if I remember
I'll send you a reminder when I go to lunch tomorrow.
Well, while we wait for Chotano to finish up his character, I will introduce someone to you....

...As you travel down the road, you happen upon a man in polished scale armor sitting under a stout oak tree at the roadside. His tabard is emblazoned with a sun embroidered in golden thread, and a patch upon his left shoulder depicts a griffon with grey plumage. A backpack with a wooden frame sits nearby; from it hang many trappings of an adventurer: a backpack, bedroll, lantern, and a coil of rope. A mace and shortbow lean against it, and a quiver of arrows can be seen hanging from a pouch at his hip. A sword is laid across his lap, and he can be seen running a whetstone down its edges.

He looks up at you as you approach; "Ah, hello," he says amicably. "...Beautiful day, isn't it?"
Salutations! I am Narcodor, a chaotic good human bard here to assist with your duties. I am proficient in playing the lute, so if you ever need anything music-related, feel free to ask! Just don't get on my bad side...
"Duly noted, minstrel," the warrior replies.

"...I am Belamros Droverson, paladin of Pelor and knight-errant of the Order of the Grey Griffon. It is a pleasure to meet you all."
(I make an annoyed face at the bard, but it’s hidden because I turn my head away)

I really think this belongs somewhere other than forum games. Maybe sandbox or general discussion.

(also i'm not joining I don't play d&d)
I'll gladly defer to the judgement of a moderator if they believe this belongs elsewhere.
There is precedent.
Ah, very good. Shall we continue, then?
I see no need not to.
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