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I'll reload my crossbow.
That'll spend your move action; you can still use your standard action to attack.
I'll shoot rat #4

Attack Roll : 11
Damage : 6
Elven John's quarrel bounces harmlessly off the stone doorway behind the rat.

Averack's turn.
How do I join this?
tc3692 said:
How do I join this?

There was an old thread a few months ago about who all wanted to join, you must not have gotten there in time. If you want, you could message oni-ni-kanaboh and see if there's any way they could sneak you in.
I reload my crossbow
Reloading your crossbow will cost you your move action. You still have your standard action available to you, so you may attack.
I shoot rat 8
Attack roll: 7
Damage roll: 1
Averack's quarrel goes wide, ricocheting off the stone floor and bouncing off of the wall beyond.

Narcodor's turn.
Since I can't use my longsword from this range, I'll switch back to the dagger.

How much of a penalty will I take for distance?
Your dagger has a range increment of 10 feet, and, as a thrown weapon, you may throw it up to five range increments; for each range increment beyond the first, however, you take a cumulative -2 penalty.

Rat #4 is currently 40 feet away, a total of four range increments; Narcodor would take a -6 penalty on his attack roll to strike the rat with his dagger. Rat #8 is 45 feet away, which is more than four range increments but less than five; he would take a -8 penalty on an attack roll to strike that one.
1d20 + 2 - 6
= 17+2-6
Narcodor's knife twirls in glittering arcs as it sails through the air, but it falls just short of striking its target.

The remaining rats scamper out into the storm. One rat lies at Belamros' feet, unconscious and dying from its wounds. Hoping to give it a quick death, the paladin kneels down and performs a coup de grace.

(As a full round action, anyone may perform a coup de grace against a helpless target; you automatically hit, and any strike landed in this manner is a critical hit. Do keep in mind that doing this with other enemies nearby can provoke attacks of opportunity against you.

(Coup de grace: 2d8+1= 10 slashing. )

The paladin's blade ends the rat's life quickly and mercifully. Combat over.
"Ok, now what?"

*continues to tune lute*
what's this?
(This is a play-by-post adventure; we're playing Dungeons & Dragons.)

Belamros, in the light of his lantern, looks around the room. "Well, at least we don't have to worry about the doors anymore," he comments dryly. "...And we now have kindling for the fire."

The paladin points his lantern towards the doorway to the west, across from the one Averack and Elven John stand before. "...I wonder what's waiting deeper inside...?"
"Should we split up to cover more ground," Narcodor asks, "or should we stick together for security?"
Should we set a standard for P.O.V.? Third or first person?

I walk back towards the middle of the room to join the other two.
"I'd prefer to stick together. Who knows what sPoooOOOkY things are waiting for us inside?" I say, highlighting my missing sense of maturity.

Just out of curiosity, what time is it right now?
(You aren't entirely sure; the clouds occlude the sun. It was mid-afternoon when the clouds started to gather and the storm started, but you aren't sure how much time has passed since.

(As for point of view, use whatever is comfortable for you.)
Got it, thanks

"Should we take a vote? Splitting up vs. Sticking Together?"
The paladin speaks up: "There is strength in numbers. And there's no telling what we might find. I say we stick together."
(Anyone else want to throw in their two cents?)
I pull off one of my socks and put it on my hand.

"I think we should stick together too!"

Sockie the sock puppet agrees, anyone else?
I begin to regret my life choices.
“Fine, let’s stick together”
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