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I’ve always wanted to participate in a word change meme, and I’ve always wanted to create a forum game, so I thought why not combine the two? Basically, someone asks “what is (noun),” and people reply using the definitions of similar sounding words. For an example, click on the word change meme link above. When someone gets tired of it, they say “no, dipshits. (Noun) means (correct definition).” To turn this into a functional forum game, if you get tired of the word or you cannot think of any substitutes, provide the correct definition, and then ask another word.

I’ll start things off:

What is a radiator?
Isn't that the thing Uranium gives off?

Interesting.... we'll see how this goes...
No, you're talking about radiation.

A radiator is a taxonomic rank which classifies relatively radially symmetrical organisms, currently the term is not in use.
The thing is about 0 people know what the heck that is I had to search it up
No, that's Radiata.
A radiator is something used to arouse oneself sexually.
No, that's a vibrator

A radiator is the magnet that rotates in the center of a generator
Wth is that
Rotors? Anybody?

Okay, fine. A radiator is half of the diameter of a circle.
no, that's a radius.
A radiator is actually a person who can pilot a plane.
No, that’s an aviator.

A radiator is someone who is employed to restore or refurbish a building.
No, that's a renovator.

A radiator is a dried grape.
No, that's a raisin

A radiator is an Islamic holiday that involves fasting
No, that's Ramadan.

A radiator is a man trained to fight with weapons against other men or wild animals in an arena.
A radiator's a heat exchanger, ya loons.

What's a pear?
Isn't that a foreign girl who skivvies for you?
no, that's an au pair
At least that's what I think you're talking about
A pear is when you have two of something.
No, you're talking about a pair.

A pear is when you trim something by cutting away its outer edges.
Nah, that's to pare.

I think its someone of your own rank or class.
No, you're thinking of two-pair, which is a poker hand.

A pear is what you include in photographs, for scale.
I have no idea what you're trying to say
The object you're thinking of is an archetectual TEIR ruler. I understand, I get my Ps and Ts mixed up sometimes too.
But a pear is a raised structure in a body of water, supported by pillars. Their open structure allows tides and rivers to flow. I like to taking walks over them when the weather is nice.
Nah, I'm pretty sure that would be a pier.

I still think a pear is someone of your own rank or class.
No, I believe that you meant a peer.

A pear is when you address God or an object of worship to request assistance (or express gratitude)
Nah, that's a prayer

A pear is a person who participates in a game
No, that's a player

A pear is an opening in the skin, that sweat comes out of and can get dirt and bacteria trapped inside.
No, I believe that’s a pore - a pear is a bucket.
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