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As some of you know, there is a twitter account called "the person below" where they post a prompt and the person below is technically described by that statement.
Here, just post the name/username/other describing note (e.g. my dad) of someone you think will fit.

After, post a new prompt.

Also, keep it sfw.

The person below is a cool and wholesome person.
Elon Musk

The person below smells like cheese
My classmate that sits diagonally behind me in fourth period

The person below likes to draw.
My sister.

The person below is late to school a lot
A guy I used to like

The person below dropped out of high school
My mother.

The person below loves hugs.

The person below has an alter ego
Kevin from Split.

The person below has a big secret that will alienate him/her from society if anyone finds out.
I barely knew them, and I wasn't there at the time.

TPBM also has an alibi.
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