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After much delay, I've finally decided to start another game... Here we go...! :D

For those of you not familiar with the game Risk this game is aiming for something very similar...
Here is a link to the FIRST and SECOND, to get a better idea how this online version goes… There are some pretty big changes made for this Third game though...

The objective of this game is to take over every territory in the world by using your armies to capture territories from other players. 6 players (I've re-added the neutral/NPC faction) will be fighting for the 42 territories across 6 continents to take over the world. Each turn players will send me their moves in a private message (PM) in a conversation I will create with you when the game starts. This Forum thread should be the place for talk of diplomacy, taunting, threats, trash talk, general discussion, and questions about the game.

  • Each turn player will start out with 6 territories (each with 1 free army on it).
  • On Turn #1 (when the game starts) players will be given 30 armies to deploy across their territories.
  • Turn #1 will be for players to let me know which of their territories they are placing their armies (i.e. 5 in/on/to N. America-1, 6 in/on/to Europe-6). Players will also tell me which of their territories is their “Capital”. A capital is where a player’s reinforcements are placed if they are inactive that turn.

  • At the start of each turn, each player is given 5 armies (plus bonus armies) to deploy within your own territories.
  • Players using their cards to claim armies or use cards for other purposes will tell me their intention, telling me their intentions along with where they are placing their armies for the turn.
  • Players can move armies between bordering/connecting territories that you own, but 1 army must remain standing in each territory you own.
  • Each players "attack" each other player by letting me know in their moves for the turn: 1. Which territory you are attacking. 2. How many armies you are attacking with. 3. Where you are attacking from… Each player will lose 1 army for each dice roll they lose, I'll keep rolling the dice (2D6 for each player) until one player wins the battle using a simpler dice rolling app on my phone to roll the dice for each players attack/defense for the day, and include the results in the game updates (remaining unbiased)...
  • This was misunderstood a few times last game, but: Any army you own can move to one territory within your own, or it can move one territory to attack an enemy territory. Armies cannot move to a friendly territory and then attack another from there that same turn or vice-versa.
Continent Bonuses:
There is a bonus to the armies you earn each turn for controlling all territories on a continent, and they are:
  • Asia - 13
  • North America - 9
  • Europe - 9
  • Africa - 6
  • Australia - 4
  • South America - 5
(You'll get this bonus on top of your 5 reinforcements for the turn...)

  • At the end of a turn a player captures another territory; they will be awarded a card for EACH territory they have captured that turn. THE 1 CARD PER TURN LIMIT IS GONE. For each 'card' a player earns in a turn they can redeem it beginning the following turn for the following bonuses (stated when you submit your moves for the turn, along with where you are placing the bonus armies) when sending your moves:
  • Players can hold a maximum of 7 cards.
  • Cards can be turned in to deploy bonus armies. For turning in cards for armies you can claim:
  • 1 card for 3 bonus armies...
  • 2 cards for 7 bonus armies...
  • 3 cards for 12 bonus armies...
  • 4 cards for 16 bonus armies...
  • 5 cards for 20 bonus armies...

New this game, Special Abilities! (implemented at the beginning of executing player's turns)
Since more cards can be earned per turn, these are intended to make the game more dynamic, strategic, and fast paced (Ability Name[card cost]: effect)...
  • Just War [1] spend one card to add +1 to each of your dice rolls when attacking.
  • Defend the Homeland [1] spend one card to add +1 to each of your dice rolls when defending this turn.
  • Deep Strike [2] You can spend two cards to take any amount of troops you already have at the start of the turn from any single territory you own, and attack any single enemy territory on the map. Claim your attack target and where you are attacking from as normal with this, but keep in mind it is a single attack from a single territory (i.e. no "deep strike all of my armies to this territory," or "attack these territories with my massive army from this territory".)
  • Air Lift [2] similar to "Deep Strike" except there are no dangers from missile defense, and you must choose a friendly territory (you own) to send your troops to. You can pull from several of your own territories, any armies Air Lifted to a friendly territory CANNOT attack that turn.
  • Missile Defense [1] if any player uses "Deep Strike" to attack any of your territories, that attacking army loses half of it's forces. If any player uses "Nuclear Attack" on any of your territories, that missile is shot down, and negated (the player still has their cards spent for both instances). Has no other proactive effect.
  • Nuclear Attack [3] select any enemy territory, and launch a nuclear attack. Before any player's reinforcements or attacks are implemented (if successful) all armies in that territory are eliminated.
  • Rally the Survivors [1-7] only effective in a player's last territory. If a player (through inactivity or choice) loses their last territory (or were to lose it from a battle that turn) all of their remaining cards are forfeit, and that player gains armies equal to double the amount for the card/army trade in value. This "survivor" army can never attack, though future armies earned could attack from this last territory. This last territory also gains the "Missile Defense" buff (free) for one turn only. (This is only to give a player who got steamrolled a fighting chance to stay in the game.) This can only happen once per game, the first time a player is going to lose their last territory.

Rules for inactive players.
I know that many of us live busy lives, and I would like to be flexible (especially in a game with a 3 turn a week commitment.)
  • If you are inactive for the turn, your base amount of armies (5) will be added to your capital. No fluctuating penalty like the last games. You will get no continent bonuses, earn no cards (of course from not capturing anything), and only "Rally the Survivors" can save you from being eliminated during an inactive turn.
  • Other than that, there are no penalties except when a player has been inactive for TEN TURNS . In that case your remaining armies are cut in half each turn, and you cannot make any active moves for the remainder of the game.
  • To be understanding, if a player were to tell me their intentions beforehand; and not send their actions for the turn, I will calculate their stated intention. Understand though that, due to inactivity, the choices made might not be optimal. (i.e. A player who knows they'll be gone could say "I'm trying to take over North America, or I'm shooting for Greenland or Australia-4, or I'm all on defense; so if they're not able to send me their moves for the turn, that player will still get their troops. I will just calculate their turn based on how they described their last intention.

When sending your moves, please send them to me in the following order:
  • (1) Deployment. Where you are placing your regular reinforcements.
  • (2) Movement. Where you are moving armies within your territory.
  • (3) Cards (and Special Abilities) used, if any. How you are using them and where.
  • (4) Attacking. Which territory you are attacking, the number of armies you are attacking with, and which territory you are attacking from.

A synopsis of what will happen each turn:
  • Each player will get 5 armies each turn...
  • You can move armies within your territories, but only into adjacent/linked territories...
  • Message me where you are placing your new armies for the turn, where/if you are moving armies within your territories, and where you are attacking (where to, how many, and where from)...
  • I will give the results of the battles, and who controls each territory afterward.

This is the map that will be updated each turn after players have made their moves, and battles for the day :
Active Map

If there are any questions, please ask... we could also discuss/clarify rules and features before the game starts...

I hope the player slots fill up by this weekend, so we could start the game on Monday... If not, we will start once the slots fill up, of course.

I hope we can get some active players and have a good game… :)
(You can start calling your player slots now.)

Players for Game #3:
  • DIAV (Yellow)
  • RandomBoi800 (Red)
  • alfanewmerik (Blue)
  • Norisvastrada (Brown)
  • evergreen (Green)
  • Neutral (NPC) (Pink)
  • Lazro (Purple)
Ooh ooh! Pick me! Can I be brown?
Yellow, please.
I'll take purple, please!
I'm glad that we have had three players sign up since I posted it yesterday evening... :)

What do you three think of the new changes (mainly taking away the 1 card per turn limit and special abilities) so far? The intention was to make gameplay more fast paced, strategic, and dynamic over a 30 turn slow grind.
I expect the cards to totally dominate the game. The continental bonuses are still worthwhile but relatively minor.
I think you're right. With me increasing the card/troop bonuses, the continent bonuses are a bit trivial. It's something that I hadn't considered until you mentioned it. I may increase them to retain relevancy, depending on what the players think. I'm thinking this might be a bit better in balancing the changes...

Continent bonuses:
Australia -3
Asia - 12
Africa - 6
N. America - 8
S. America - 4
Europe - 8
On that scale I'd make Europe 9 and Asia 14.
I was originally thinking of doing 9 for N. America and Europe, and 14 for Asia; but scaled it down, because: 1. Europe less territories than N. A. to control, so shouldn't be more.
2. It (9) would be too close to the 12 I thought for Asia (being the hardest).
3. 14 as a "bonus" on top of the base 5 (though it is the hardest to hold) just seemed too high.
(I generally went in thinking double minus 1, but also factored for how many access points and how many territories total were in the continent)

We could see what other players think, and decide this and other details before the game starts... thank you for your input...
N. America has only 3 borders to hold. Europe has 4. That makes it significantly harder to defend.
Interesting idea I am down to play if your still playing
After looking at the map, which player/color slot would you be interested in? Here is what's available:
Player #2 (Red)
Player #3 (Blue)
Player #5 (Green)
Player #6 (Pink)
I think I would like to participate.
Could I have pink, please?
uh I'll take blue but no certainties I will be active
I'll take green
That's great...! So once we find a player to fill #2 (Red) we can start the game..! :D
I might be able to do red, will confirm in a few hours
I've updated the continent bonuses in the original post, and am ready to get this game started. Once we get the last (Red) player (or evergreen confirms); then I'll get the messages to players so we could start up... :D
if evergreen doesn't want to play i'll be red
Question on internal moves - can you move each of your armies once, or just move a single stack?

I'm also assuming there are no follow-on attacks (Territory A takes B, then B attacks C)

Do we have some (how many) armies in each territory at the start?
I'm not sure what you mean by "move a single stack", but think of it this way:
  • Each army/troop/unit can move one territory one time each turn. Whether that move is internal or to attack.
  • Armies that are claimed from spending cards can move/attack the turn they are placed on the board.
Does that clear it up?

(I didn't see the second part of your post.)
You could tell me that is your plan, in the case that you may know you wont br able to send your next turn because of an absence; but this would be executed over several turns. You're correct in assuming no follow up attacks.
Yes thanks, and my first follow-on. I've added another question about initial placement.
I mentioned it in the initial post, but every player will start with one free army in each territory. Then on turn one, they will be given the 30 to place wherever they chose within their territories.
Sorry - I missed that.
No worries... it was a long post with a lot of info... ;)

Randomboi800... I messaged evergreen to confirm if he'd like to join. If I don't hear back by tomorrow, or if he declines, then you have the slot for player two (Red)... :)
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