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I'm gonna duck out.
I'm gonna duck out.

what a hypocrite
And with that we have all the players for the game... I've sent each player a PM to get started, and players should get their first turn moves to me by midnight on Monday (March 4th) to get this started... :D

Also, I've updated the Active Map in the original post, and will do so after each turn.
May the best player win...!
Nah. I want a chance.
5/7 players have sent me their moves already, and it looks like this will be an interesting game... ;)

Also, one player mentioned an issue they were having with clutter and inconvenience opening the links to current map. I could also post the direct URL as requested along with linking them. I was going to message each player to ask which they would prefer, but I'll just post it here for a vote:

Option One
Option Two
ah, could someone post the picture on this site/gyazo because I cant use imgur in school and it makes it really difficult for me.
I like option two best - it's a lot cleaner than option 1.

EDIT: AS 3 and AS 2 are switched around in option 2, but otherwise it looks fine.
whats happening
I think I also prefer option two. It looks a bit wonky, but I agree with Laz. It's cleaner.

Alfa, give me a minute. I might be able to upload them to tinypic or something. Problem being that I'd need to download them first and I only have access to my work laptop and don't know what download permissions I have on my work laptop. I'll edit this with the pics or if I'm not able to in a few moments.

Option 1

Option 2
still doesn't work, do you know how to post the image in the message?
TwoCans doesn't really have an image upload system anymore, unfortunately.
definitely two
That settles it. I will get the maps and links updated as soon as the last two players send me their first deployment.
Double post here, but there's an update. Otothakay has dropped out of the game, so we will need another player to fill player slot #6 (Pink)...

Sorry for the delays in starting this up, but once the game starts it should go a lot smoother...
Can I be pink as well as purple? I won't cheat, I promise.
If we can't find someone soon, perhaps we could make pink neutral (with 5 or 6 armies per territory to start, no income).
That's what I'd like to go with if we can't find another player soon...
I messaged evergreen (the last player that expressed interest) to see if they would still like to join.
Double post, but another update. tc3692 has some events going on that have caused them to withdraw from the game. That leaves two open (Pink and Green ) player slots... >.>
I think I can be green. Sorry about the late response.
did you not see lazro's reply?
(it was a joke)
(i would immediately and flagrantly cheat)
let's just say I had that kinda idea too
Well evergreen has been added to the roster, and I'm open to suggestions if we can't find a 7th player. Here are a couple of options I thought to work it out so far, now that we have 6 players like the first two games:
  • Reworking the map (which I will have to anyway) to start each player with 7 territories.
  • Implementing an NPC faction again that has 6 territories for the 7th slot.
Any opinions or other suggestions?
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