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Just roleplay whatever, I don't care
*Reads your post*
Jim Parsons was sitting in the shade. On a day this hot, it was the best he could do, despite his heavy coat. He'd never leave it anywhere, not while it kept him alive in the winter. He sighed. It was just past lunch and the crowds had already left, mostly ignoring him. He picked up his hat, counting the money inside. Not more than enough for the cheapest of meals. He stood and walked out of the park, pocketing the cash. It would have to do. He walked a block to his home, a discarded mattress under an umbrella, set in the alleyway between a bank and an expensive restaurant.
A wealthy young woman by the name of Dawn happened to be walking around the city at the time. She was trying to find the hospital her father was in, but unfortunately had never been in the city before.
Just so you know, there's already a roleplay thread. It died.
Just so you know, there's already a roleplay thread. It died.

ok cool but like gender race died 3 times and now its flourishing so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also this is more freeform. I'll be interested to see where we get to.
The sky was getting darker, and she began to panic a little. Soon the stars were up, and she had no idea where she was anymore. Desperate, she began asking for directions.