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Join me on my quest...


The game is simple.
It's set up under the Dungeons and Dragons idea, with the theme of Skyrim and a few other choice RPG games.

The rules are simple too.
First five people to respond are the main characters. Sixth person is the main villain. Everyone else is to throw out the events of the quest. The main characters are to respond accordingly. I will act in the role of the Operator. Side characters are welcome, for they make the game more interesting. Main characters can't own side characters, and you can only have 2 characters at a time, with the ability to replace them when they leave the quest, or die. Side characters mostly likely won't be present for large parts of the game, but do affect the quest, sometimes drastically.
You can also control monsters instead of a side character if you prefer.

Game play is simple, however, level ups and new skills are won at a different pace then DaD.

Main 1-
Main 2-
Main 3-
Main 4-
Tinfoil Hatter
Main 5-
Main Villian-

Quest: The Game
I am interested. As a note, I'm new to this sort of thing.
Count me in. I'm new to this stuff too.
Sweet. We just need four more. Once we have them we can discuss finer details.
Oh my
I'm in. I've never really played these kind of games but I love character building.
Can I call dibs on being Villain, or do I have to wait until there are five other people?
Nah. You are fine Kylljoy.
Tinfoil Hatter... you in?
Of course
Sweet. One more main role.
Anyone there?! We just need one more.....then we can playyyyyyyy.
While we're waiting for the last player, may I ask how the game is going to be set up? Character creation, controls, story, etc.
What is this? It seems interesting.

EDIT: I'm cool with joining
Of cousre private.
Chacter setup-
You will have to answer a few questions that are vital knowledge for your character. Such as race, role, and a short background to get a better idea of your characters strengths and weaknesses. I will decide on the right number of starter points you need in each section.
Well, since the gameplay is similar to that of DaD, you state what you want to do, whether it be lockpicking a chest, talking to somebody (This is where your speech points will count) or engaging in combat. I have a set of die that I will be using to help factor in luck with the mathematics I figure out each time.
The storyline is fairly simple. Somebody outside the main 6 will send you on a quest. This person can be a side character or myself. Quests boost your points, which help you level up. You may also recieve items of value.
Leveling up-
You level up when you earn enough points. You learn new skills and spells. You might be able to do things you weren't able to before.

Glad to have you chotano.
When do we start?
Right now.

What is your characters name?
Artemisia, also can I be some sort of wizard/sorcerer who is also possibly a dryad?
I believe I understand your inspiration. We need everyone else's names before we can discuss race though.
Does your character have to be your gender?
No, otherwise I'd be a hypocrite.
I am female, but my character as the DM is a male.
My character's name is Wrqytrnyfqsngbtyngcjr III, pronounced similar to the sound of "hawking a loogie"

Actually pronounced as "Werk-i-turn-ee-faxing-betting-cager the Third"
The only half decent name I have is Brynwulf.
I'll choose Falivas Flynnsire.
I like it. **meme review**? Chotano? Have you figured out a name yet?
My character's name is Shraggy, the child of Shrek and Shaggy. Its pronoun is "it" because it identifies as a tomato plant.
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