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Ok **meme review**
Chotano? Have you figured out a character?
I am Iphesophi MDXLVIII, meaning Iphesophi the 1548th, but I like it pronounced Iphesophi muh-duh-ks-lu-veeee.

(Just call me Iphesophi or come up with some cute nickname, I'm not picky)
Yay ^^ We now have every bodies names
Choose your race

Race Selection
Race is set up in different groups displaying the major skill types often associated with them.

High Elf; Wood Elf; Dryad

Dwarf; Orc

Dark Elf; Vampire

Brute, Human

Hybrids, Halflings, Werebeings

Hybrids: Human and another species
Eg. Human/Dragon hybrid

Halfing: Two races mixed
Eg. Wood Elf/Vampire

Werebeings: Aren’t born, but it’s a nice reassurance to know you can become one during your quest if you are bitten

(Feel free to ask about any race you need to)
I'll be a human warrior
Lemme get uhhh, Human/Timber Wolf hybrid
Well since Shraggy is the child of Shrek and Shaggy, it makes sense for it to be a human/ogre combo (a warrior).

Edit: or human/orc, if ogres don't exist
I regret not joining
I regret not joining

It's okay. We need side characters. They are just as, if not more, important than the main characters because they keep the story moving along.
Are D&D-style halflings available? If not, I'll stick with a half-dwarf.
Yes private, they most definitly are.
Sweet, then my decision is settled (the D&D halfling choice, I mean.)
I'll go with High Elf
I'll join in as a side character, as long as I appear multiple times.

Prolly gonna go with a talking wolf
Yay, we just need blackbird1306 now. Strangely enough, they are also the only one who hasn't responded to my message either. Wait... maybe that's not so strange if they haven't responded here yet....
I'll be a human warrior

Go ahead and look at the roles real quick and decide your role, you might change your mind
I'm talking to everyone... you can only find it if you have the docs.... Quest Rules
Here's Shraggy's background so far:
Background: Hides in a swamp all day and eats dog food with its buddy Scoobonkey, the dog-donkey hybrid. Scared of the dark so it always carries packs of matches. Identifies as a tomato plant, so please use the pronoun “it”. Screams extra loud and gets speed/strength buff after eating dog food, but is lactose intolerant. Best skills include “Combat-Unarmed” “House-Agriculture-Animal Work” and “House-Cooking-Desserts”.
If we're looking for more characters, I can be a dark elf. I would suggest that you not wait too much longer for people if they don't seem very active. Maybe put alfanewmerik as a main character instead.

Edit: maybe wait a day before starting, just to be sure
That may be a good idea, welcome aboard side character

EDIT: There is now a link to the Guide and to the Player List
At the first post
Background: Hails from a small snowy village of the north. While courtesy was at the core of his village life, his half blood kept people at their distance, and as such, is often left to fend for himself. Eventually, he wandered from the village, realizing not many would miss him, and made his own life.

Major Skills: Archery, Cooking meats, Craftsmanship
Minor Skills: Healing, Alchemy,
Lesser Skills: One-Handed, Block, Stealth
Ineptitudes: Speech, Agriculture


Natural resistance to cold weather, and enhanced Unarmed ability
Solitary lifestyle has necessitated proficiency in his Major and Minor skills

Using Unarmed tactics leaves him vulnerable.
His large frame (6'2") is a detriment to Stealth
Can overheat in especially hot weather.
Cold weather leaves him inexperienced in Agriculture
Solidarity has diminished his ability to persuade significantly; People speaking to him can sense that they aren’t trusted.
Struggles with skills that he deems "not completely necessary"

"There is not much to tell" -When asked about himself
Background : A sorcerer from a village of primarily magic wielders, was exiled when he tried to convince them that card tricks were magic. Proceeded to wander for a couple of years before finding a human village. Things went well until he joined a local cook-off and conjured flames and lost control of them, burning the village down. Wandered for a bit more and eventually started to go insane due to the loneliness, and developed an alternate personality, Aeouii.

Skills : Strong in Illusion, Enchanting, Alteration, Bribery, and Two-Handed Combat. Decent at Alchemy and Healing, and God-Awful in anything that involves Crafting Equipment

Strengths : Insanity makes it hard to predict his next moves, and he is incredibly adept at the magic he learns. He's at his strongest at night and is semi-nocturnal. He holds a grudge against basically anybody who isn't insane, and, being an elf, knows his way through nature.

Weaknesses : Due to the cook-off fire, refuses to learn or use Conjuring or any Cooking skills. He's pretty scrawny and isn't intimidating to people. Mildly afraid of fire and heat. Weakest at Noon. Also, his alternate personality, Aeouii, becomes dominate at sunset and sunrise for thirty minutes. Aeouii is the sane counterpart to Wrqytrn's insanity, and actively tries to sabotage his work.
Sorry Guys, been out of town so no wifi. I'll be a dryad.

Background: I'm a sorcerer from a small community of dryads in an enchanted forest. Almost like a siren, I have an enchanting voice that can bewitch all that come nearby. This forest community has been made up only of women so when I came of age I left to use my powers for good.

Skills, strengths, and weaknesses: Adept in Enchanting and Restoration, for combat I use exclusively bow and arrow, my voice has made persuasion a strong trait and for craftsmanship, I am strongest in bows. I am absolutely awful at anything related to blacksmithing as I grew up with a strong relationship to the environment. For House, I use farming alone as I would never harm animals and cook only vegetables and fruits. I don't heal manually very often as I can use my powers as a sorcerer to heal. My sneak work is mostly as a pickpocket as I can distract my target and then steal from them. I don't really like to hurt people very often because of my sort of hippie upbringing, so in combat, I tend to aim for wounding instead of killing.
Good to have you back, Blackbird!

Background: Falivas once was a farmboy and the apprentice of a locksmith in his small hamlet, stationed by travelers long ago. Inspired by wondrous tales and adventures of his forefathers, as well as being tired of the mundane life, tasks, and ennui presented in a reserved settlement and job, the lad began sneaking out from his house for an occasional thrill. This continued up until his early-adulthood, eventually retired the habit when the halfling decided to undertake a stable profession.

Unfortunately this modest life was cut short when a series of blunders lead to an escalation of events much more serious than anticipated. Falivas is now at a tight, desperate spot-- a spot where he’s forced to skew his integrity, flee from his home, lose his reputation, and become too far gone in having a proper meal. Thievery isn’t a pleasant business.

Skills: Helpful Things, Persuasion, Stealth, Pickpocket/Lock-picking. Could defend himself, when absolutely necessary.

Strengths: Loyal to friends and valiant when others are threatened; quick to assist and defend others when needed. Practical and straightforward in task, and fair at recalling information. Previous work experience provides skills in negotiation and lock-picking. Due to his small stature and light feet, sneaking and stealth comes easy.

Weaknesses: Rather emotional and takes things personally, although he manages to bottle most of it up. Bit uneasy and could be nonplussed due to recent situations. Not very street-smart and a bit naive due to age, could be deceived when he's not on his toes. Practicality may come off as stubborn or too honest.
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