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Background: Was born as a human female under a royal family. However, in her medieval-style life, women were regarded as the property of their husbands. Both of her parents died, and Iphesophi was an only child. Because of this, the next in line to be in charge was a woman, which caused a major uprising. Fearing for her life, Iphesophi ran away to fight for equality and prove that women can do what men can.

Unarmed combat

Beauty (which can help in bribery and persuasion)
Dealing in affairs with high-ranking individuals

Is largely ineffective with a two-handed weapon
Knows nothing of magic
Dislikes extreme cold and extreme heat
Likes to show off

Other notes:
Likes being outside during rainy weather
There is now a side character catalog. Link's in first post

Don't forget you can have a Non Player Companion
comic sans
An updated Shraggy bio:
Hides in a swamp all day and eats dog food with his buddy Scoobonkey, the dog-donkey hybrid. Scared of the dark so he always carries packs of matches. Identifies as a tomato plant, so please use the pronoun “it”. You can also use "he" because he couldn’t care less. Screams extra loud and gets speed/strength buff after eating dog food, but is lactose intolerant.
Strengths: Melee, defense, Speech 100, dog treats, meat-shield
Weaknesses: The dark, milk, sneaking, movement, combat with weapons
Best skills: “Combat-Unarmed” “House-Agriculture-Animal Work” and “House-Cooking-Desserts”.
Worst Skills: “Sneak-Stealth”, “Business-Craftsmanship-Helpful Things”, and “Combat-Archery”
I'm going to enter my character Background in the docs, then figure out the level for everyone's skill. After that we can play. ^^
Check this out

Official Shraggy and Scoobonkey Picture

patent pending
Quest documents are on hiatus until further notice. I am NOT discontinuing, I just can't work on it until after Spring Break. Do not fret. I will personally message you your starting points. This is just a slow down unless someone is willing to figure out their points based off my example. This is all you need to know.
Check this out

Official Shraggy and Scoobonkey Picture

patent pending

I'll provide a drawing of my character some time this week.

My NPC-ompanion may show up later in the game, if allowed.
I will also be working on a drawing of my character. Also, this might have been mentioned but can my character have a small animal companion/familiar. Something like a small red fox.
Aurorawe said:
Don't forget you can have a Non Player Companion

I will make a serious Photoshop effort next for Shraggy and Scoobonkey. Make sure to hit that subscribe button and the notification button fam squad.
If I tried to draw anything it'd be trash oof
New and improved (I worked super hard on this one)
I'll provide a drawing of my character some time this week.

My NPC-ompanion may show up later in the game, if allowed.

Of course. ^^
Companions don't have to show immediately. And to kill two birds with one stone.... familiars are great companions and are more than welcome.
Ok, I have created an illustration of Artemisia and her familiar, Freya. I am maybe the least tech-savvy person in the world so if someone can possibly either tell me how to link it that would be super helpful or could I get access to edit the doc, so that I can upload a tiny version.
If you click the link "Player List" on the first page, you should be able to suggest on the docs file. Right underneath the title, there is a bar with "file", "edit", "view", etc. Click on the one with "insert". A bar will come down. Move your cursor over the option with "image", and a side bar will appear. You can upload it from your computer or from your google drive. Hopefully, you have saved the image as a jpeg or png on your hard drive.
Alternatively, if you want to make a website like me, log in to your google account, then go to On the left side of the page, you can go to a red box labeled "create". If it is not there, there is probably a "+" on the bottom right of the page. Click on it, and it will let you create your own site. It is pretty intuitive. There are options on the right to insert images and whatever. Once you feel happy with it, you can look at the top bar of the website. There should be a chain icon called "publish". Click it, choose a web address, then hit "publish". You can put the link anywhere and we could all view it.
I'm not a big art guy, so if I do a drawing (which is highly unlikely), it probably won't be great.
Can I make it so that after a certain number of quests I join the group
this is my first drawing, I will be adding some more as I go. Sorry it's not that good.
where'd everyone go?
The DM seems to be on a hiatus, so until that stops, I'm not so sure we'll see much activity
Ooh this looks neat, I'm gonna side character as myself, The Hamtart

(For those who don't know, as it isn't common knowledge, The Hamtart is a holy being that takes the form of a ham pastry. It finds joy in editing reality and space-time. It's cult has long since disappeared from TwoCans.)
All hail the holy Ham Tart.
ok added some new drawings of Artemisia and Freya, check it out!
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